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1616Re: Hello. I'm a newbie to the group and billing.

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  • jajafk
    Jul 9, 2005
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      Thank you all for your help and advice, I really do appreciate it
      all. I am so glad that this group exists and, that I found it. At
      Bryman, their are externship opportunities for almost every course
      except Billing and Coding which is rediculous, to me. I think that
      we need it just as much as M A's, especially since M A's have hands
      on experience in their classrooms almost daily. I'm pretty sure
      that "reading" about billing and coding is somewhat different than
      actually doing it. I will take everything that you all have written
      and if you can think of anything else please don't hesitate. I'm
      glad that I'm not alone in this. I've recently started having some
      health issues but as soon as I get better, I will get started on
      everything that was recommended to me.

      Thanks again,


      --- In MedicalBillers@yahoogroups.com, "oceanstar1947"
      <oceanstar1947@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Lita,
      > One thing I would suggest is join a few temp employment agencies
      > look for temp jobs that way. That way the hospital or medical
      > provider
      > can get to know you and what you can do. That's how I started. I
      > got
      > a temp job through an agency with the local hospital to help a
      > biller.
      > They liked me and I liked them, and luckily they were hiring at
      > time, so after a few months I became a permanent employee. I think
      > it
      > is worth a shot.
      > Doris
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