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1614Re: [MedicalBillers] Hello. I'm a newbie to the group and billing.

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  • Jillian Borders
    Jul 7 2:59 PM
      I found myself in the same position not long ago. I was told to put my application on every web-site possible, and to go out to each place of business that I would like to bill for; and present yourself, your business and services to them. Also, go to some meetings/conventions and meet with doctors and others in your field. One other thing you could do is volunteer at the local hospital filing paperwork, etc.
      Thank you,
      Jillian Borders    
      jajafk <jajafk@...> wrote:
      I graduated this past March from Bryman College and I have a question
      for all of you. How did you land your first billing and or coding job?
      It seems that ALL employers only want billers and coders that have
      atleast 2 years of experience. I feel like I'm chasing my tail. How
      can I get the experience if no one will give me a chance, ya know?


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