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1247Chemical Dependancy Treatment Centers

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  • Ranadene K. Tapio
    Jul 1 9:28 AM
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      Got an inquiry today from a Chemical Dependancy Treatment Center -
      outpatient center. Anyone on here bill for this type of specailty?

      They have about 400 patients (teens). They're seen anywhere from
      daily to weekly to monthly. He said 60%-70% of them are seen daily
      or weekly. There's 10 counselors on staff - they're credentialed as
      LADC's (licensed alcohol & drug counselors).

      They're non-par w/ the carriers - but trying to become PAR with some
      of them. (So if you're EXPERIENCED in credentialing - let me know -
      they're looking for a couple referrals for that). The only one they
      ARE PAR w/ so far is w/ the county funding programs (ie: medicaid).

      It's a new start-up clinic and they hope to open by the end of the
      year - they're pricing out weather it's cheaper to outsrouce vs hire
      a FT biller.

      The average they get paid is anywhere from $10.30 - $14.50/day X
      30.4 day/month. So they're getting anywhere from $313.12 to $440.80
      per month PER patient. If I do a (TON) of math - 6.5% or
      $3.50/claim (a claim being 1 week of service) = about the same
      amount. Do you all think those fees would be fair for this type of
      provider / specialty?

      I assume this type of billing wouldn't be all that difficult? Would
      it be similar to other types of mental health billing? Any helpful
      advice or links anyone has re: this specialty?

      Input welcome...Randi, CMRS :)