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1019Re: [MedicalBillers] Re: Looking for Billing/Scheduling software

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  • jillesimpson@aol.com
    Apr 7, 2003
      I've worked with a rather large consulting firm and have experienced and utilized dozens of packages from large hospital/facility packages to large and small physician group practice softwares.  Most recently I've worked with a counseling center client who uses Therapist Helper.  I have yet to meet anyone who "is" sufficiently satisfied with that product or the "support" which is almost non-existant.
      None the less....in looking through several other packages for them, I've found that there are limited softwares available for the unique niche of counseling.  There were several reviewed on the AMFT professional association website last month.  One other counseling specific that we've been reviewing is called Shrink Wrap. 
      Having come from a predominately medical (practice and hospital) background I feel there is something that would certainly better suit a counseling practice even if it was really intended to be a medical practice software.  Having seen so many in different client offices, I have become familiar with many of the capabilities of so many.  I would recommend you just make a list of the capabilities that you like most and find a software that offers those yet also allows flexibility in the billing and report generation.  Also keep in mind that many softwares that are targeted more towards facilities (even outpatient diagnostic facilities) can cause problem in the patient registration and "recurring patient" area.  Most facility softwares are not set up for recurring patients as you would more commonly see in physician practices and counseling centers. (i.e. multiple open dates of services being billed.)  The family/couple/guarantor billing flexibility is also important in counseling as the "client" might be more than one person at a time (spouses, families etc.)
      Just some thoughts and a lead on some that I have seen.
      I hope this helps, good luck,
      ~ Jill Simpson

      I am a billing service with seven clients, different specialties and
      we use Claim Gear (www.claimgear.com) I love them! Their support and
      customer service is outstanding, and they are very, very cost
      effective. I would definantly reccomend checking them out! Let them
      know I referred you if you sign and I get bonus! LOL...hey, never
      hurts to mention that!
      Seriously though, what they have to offer, I feel is very beneficial
      to my clients so I actually have their software information on my
      website because I feel it's a good selling point with potential new
      clients. Anyone can access the software from anywhere in the world
      (with proper passwords, of course!) I meant you can have multiple
      users with no additional charges. Good luck on your search!
      Tanya Peck

      --- In MedicalBillers@yahoogroups.com, "diannalee1" <diannalee@g...>
      >We are a dietary counseling firm in Boulder Colorado.  We've been
      >using Therapist Helper software for integrated client scheduling,
      >billing, and insurance claims.  We're not happy with the software
      >we're shopping for alternatives.  We'll probably stay under 2000
      >clients, and we are multi-user up to 3 simultaneous users, running
      >from a Windows server.  Any suggestions for software?  How about
      >additional resources for hunting down good software.  Thanks!
      >Dianna Lee

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