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1017RE: [MedicalBillers] Looking for Billing/Scheduling software

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  • Cyndee Weston
    Apr 2 10:50 AM
      You may want to check out AltaPoint Software at www.altapoint.com  The software has some nice features that you might find helpful for this type of specialty, including authorizations (tracking) and more.
      Cyndee Weston
      American Medical Billing Association
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      Subject: [MedicalBillers] Looking for Billing/Scheduling software


      We are a dietary counseling firm in Boulder Colorado.  We've been
      using Therapist Helper software for integrated client scheduling,
      billing, and insurance claims.  We're not happy with the software and
      we're shopping for alternatives.  We'll probably stay under 2000
      clients, and we are multi-user up to 3 simultaneous users, running
      from a Windows server.  Any suggestions for software?  How about
      additional resources for hunting down good software.  Thanks!

      Dianna Lee

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