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1Hello! :)

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  • SanCali@xxx.xxx
    Sep 18, 1998
      Hi everyone,

      My name is Sandy, and I live in Clarkston, MI. I'm 28 years old, have a
      20-month old daughter and am in the process of getting divorced,
      unfortunately. I've worked from home since my daughter was born, running a
      secretarial business. Recently my best friend and I thought about putting our
      minds together and doing medical billing. I've got the computer skills &
      knowledge, and she went to school for medical billing and currently does that
      in a doctor's office now. I recently graduated college with my Bachelor's
      degree, major in communications and thought that if I got into medical
      billing, that would be good income to keep me at home with my daughter a while
      longer. I've joined this list to learn more about the field to see if it would
      be something I would enjoy doing, and to learn how to get started.

      Take care everyone,
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