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Re: [MedfordBiPeds] Paul Revere's (Bike) Ride

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  • Kyna Hamill
    Hi: Did you stop at Gaffey s Funeral Home in Medford - the home of Isaac Hall? - this is where Revere stopped in Medford. After planning the Brick by Brick
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      Did you stop at Gaffey's Funeral Home in Medford - the home of Isaac Hall? - this is where Revere stopped in Medford.  After planning the Brick by Brick bike tour of Medford in Sept. we learned there is no bike Police detail in Medford and not all Medfordites are friendly to bike traffic.  That corner of Medford just over the Craddick Bridge, (though very historic as the first toll bridge in America) is not so friendly.  You might consider the foot bridge just down from there which leads you right over to Gaffey's at High Street.

      We could probably get a few Medford marshalls for that part of the ride.


      Kyna Hamill
      Board Member, Medford Historic Society 

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      Hello! Last year I organized a ride roughly following Revere's route from Charlestown to Lexington, making a couple history-lesson stops along the way.

      This year I'd like to do this ride again, only I think it should be better. That means more experienced ride leaders, someone who knows more interesting and accurate history than I, and hopefully support from MassBike and the Bike Committees of Charlestown, Somerville, Medford, Arlington, and Lexington.

      It's a fun ride with two really tricky spots (Sullivan Square and Medford Square) that we handled pretty well last year without marshals (we walked our bikes). It includes the full gamut from dense urban to national historic park.

      The ride is about 15 miles out and some distance back (depending on where people go). The official ride could return to Charlestown, making it about 30 miles total.

      I'd love your thoughts on how to get this more organized, especially if you'd like to help. I am thinking this could be a good ride for Medford and its possible Committee to "sponsor."

      Revere rode on April 18th, which is a Sunday this year. Lexington has many events that whole weekend, including a parade on Sunday, so the ride will probably be Saturday April 17th.

      Let me know your thoughts, tips, and if you're interested in helping me organize/run the ride.


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