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Fw: Arlington, MA Mass Ave project - quick request

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  • Bruce Kulik
    The following forwarded message from Karin Turer comes from the email list for Charles River Wheelman. While this particular initiative is in response to a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2012
      The following forwarded message from Karin Turer comes from the email list for Charles River Wheelman.

      While this particular initiative is in response to a poll about the inclusion of bike lanes within the Mass Ave project, the "Save
      Mass Ave" detractors also want to eliminate plans to make it safer for pedestrians to cross Mass Ave, which is difficult due to its
      width and haphazard lane structure, without any refuge island or traffic calming measures. The overall plan is to reduce Mass Ave
      from its de facto two lane in each direction (unmarked as such) operation, to allow two marked lanes inbound (EB) and one marked
      lane outbound (WB), with left turning lanes at appropriate locations on either side. The outbound traffic is already heavily
      regulated by the signals in Cambridge at Alewife Brook Parkway, and the one area (near Pond Lane) where the inbound side narrows to
      one lane is already not quite wide enough to support two full lanes of traffic.

      It is also worthy to note that the SMA folks have no clue about actual bicycle operation, when they conflate the utility of the
      Minuteman Trail with Mass Ave. While the two routes are roughly parallel, they server vastly different destinations -- Alewife
      Station and the Fresh Pond Area in contrast to Mass Ave inbound in North Cambridge and Porter Square. They also fail to understand
      the difference between transportational and recreational riding, apparently believing that bicycles are only operated for
      recreation, hence the belief that bikes should be on the Minuteman, and not on Mass Ave.

      Even without the bike lanes, the planned improvements to Mass Ave would benefit cyclists by creating a wider parking lane, better
      regulated traffic, and a wide outside lane. The bike lane question is really a surrogate for the entire project.

      Bruce Kulik

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      Subject: [CRW] Arlington, MA Mass Ave project - quick request

      Good afternoon folks,

      The following was sent by an NEBC friend and we knew plenty of CRW folks live or ride in Arlington too!

      Over here in Arlington, there is a MASS DOT project to renovate the stretch of Mass Ave from the Center to where it crosses Route
      16. They're taking what is now a 2 lane free-for-all and converting it to a much safer roadway with the creation of better
      crosswalks configurations, turn only lanes and a designated bike lane.

      There is a small but very LOUD minority group that's trying to squash the lanes from being included in the project redesign.
      Their leader Eric Berger has spent over 100k fighting it. Feel free to Google him and this war he's waged for the past 3 years.

      The East Arlington Concerned Citizens Committee (EACCC) is the group and their web page:

      http://www.savemassave.com/ Note the lack of cyclists in their graphic at the bottom of the page.

      The Arlington Advocate website has posted a poll on their homepage asking :
      "Do you favor the creation of designated bike lanes on the eastern section of Mass. Ave.?"

      The minority (all 73 of them have gotten together to vote no) while the supporters typically don't bother but we want to strike fear
      with the anti-cycling gang in town by getting the "YES" to be the overwhelming majority.

      If you can take a quick moment to vote in favor, head over to:


      The poll is at the lower right of the front page.
      Thanks and happy holidays,
      Karin T
      Karin Turer - Tugboat 23

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