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Next meeting March 1 and other news

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  • David Adams
    Hello Medford Pedestrian and Bicycle advocates! Our next meeting will be on March 1 at 7 PM at the Medford Library. I hope we ll have a great turnout. As you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2004
      Hello Medford Pedestrian and Bicycle advocates!

      Our next meeting will be on March 1 at 7 PM at the Medford Library. I hope
      we'll have a great turnout.

      As you may have noticed, our group was once again in the Transcript today.
      for the story.

      Our current focus is on taking first concrete steps in the areas of
      facilities, enforcement, and education.

      For facilities, we will try to influence the construction project at the
      intersection of Governor's Ave and High St. This summer, the MWRA is going
      to be installing water monitoring equipment next to the municipal garage
      and will be digging up the streets. We hope to take this as an opportunity
      to make the intersection safer for pedestrians.

      In Enforcement, Stephan Reckie is contacting the Parking and Traffic
      Commissions. We hope to have volunteers regularly attending key meetings to
      attract attention to our issues.

      In education, two of the parents in our group have begun talking to school
      principals about establishing Walking School Buses and about helping with
      pedestrian / bicycle advocacy in the schools.

      I now have two separate Yahoo Groups for us to use. The older list,
      MedfordBPAC, will be used for day-to-day discussions, planning meetings,
      and working on future plans. Everyone in the MedfordBPAC group can send
      messages to that group. The newer group, MedfordBiPeds, will have fewer
      email messages and more members. Only moderators (currently myself and
      Stephan Reckie) can post messages to this list. We will send meeting and
      event announcements, meeting minutes, and news messages like this one to
      the MedfordBiPeds group.

      I will be posting minutes of our December meeting this evening. I will also
      put a copy of the Medford Climate Action Plan on the MedfordBiPeds web site
      at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MedfordBiPeds/files. This document is an
      official city plan which includes a section committing the city to
      achieving many of our goals.

      Looking forward to warmer weather,

      Dave Adams

      Dave Adams dave@...

      "For those people who look at my case as an example,
      I would just say one thing: If you ever get a second
      chance in your life for something, go all the way."

      --Lance Armstrong
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