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474Are right hooks the most dangerous type of accident?

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  • Bruce Kulik
    Apr 5 1:20 PM
      It seems that right hook collisions have become the most dangerous accident type in the Boston area.  At least 5 or 6 of recent fatalities have been caused by right hook collisions with trucks, including this one a couple days ago in Charlestown, where a garbage truck turned right over a cyclist.


      I see two things that contribute to this type of accident, and all cyclists should be aware of these problems to keep from getting into potential right hook situations.
      1) Bikeways that encourage cyclists to stay to the right of traffic at intersections, or to overtake stopped or slow traffic on the right.
      2) The behavior by many cyclists to stay too far to the right, and to squeeze through traffic by passing on the right.

      Bicyclists should assert themselves further into lane wherever a right turn is permitted, so that overtaking traffic will get the cue to stay behind and pass to the right when making a right turn.

      Bicyclists should follow the general rule of never passing a bus, truck, or other  large vehicle on the right (unless that vehicle is making or about to make a left turn).

      Bruce Kulik