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413Fwd: SBC agenda July 2013 (somervillebikes@googlegroups.com)

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  • Bruce Kulik
    Jul 15, 2013
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      FYI, In case anyone is interested in Somerville issues as well as
      Medford issues.
      Bruce Kulik
      Medford, MA

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      Subject: SBC agenda July 2013 (somervillebikes@...)
      Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 01:52:45 +0000
      From: Alex Epstein (Google Drive) <alexepstein@...>
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      SBC agenda draft July 2013.docx

      Somerville cyclists:

      Below is the July meeting agenda. We are at the usual time and place
      this month.

      Don't forget that the next SomerStreets event is coming up on Sunday,
      July 28, on Highland Avenue! We are on the lookout for interested
      volunteers to help out.


      Document SBC agenda draft July 2013.docx

      Snapshot of the item below:
      SBC agenda draft July 2013.docx


      July 2013 AGENDA

      Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone

      Community Representatives: Ex-Officio:

      Alex Epstein, Chairman Janice Delory, Office of the Mayor
      Charles Denison, Vice Chairman Bob Trane, Board of Aldermen

      Ken Carlson, Secretary Commissioner Stanley Koty, Department of
      Public Works

      Brian Postlewaite Terry Smith, Traffic and Parking
      Enid Kumin Chief Pasquarello, Police Department

      Alan Moore Sarah Spicer, Office of Strategic Planning and Community

      Ron Newman

      Tim Talun

      Day/Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

      Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m.

      Location:City Hall basement lounge

      Procedural Business:

      1. Acting Secretary: Alan
      2. Guest introductions
      3. VOTE: Approve Minutes: June 2013

      New Business:

      Susan McLucas of the Bicycle Riding School

      Policy and Enforcement:

      1. Traffic Commission regulatory requests status and implementation
      2. Taxi window dooring prevention stickers--introduce background (Alex)

      Events, education and outreach:

      1. Bicycle Friendly Community-- application update (Sarah)
      2. SomerStreets tabling and Kidical Mass planning for Highland Ave on
      Sunday, July 28 (Brian)
      3. Event recaps:

      1. East Somerville Bike Night: Tuesday, June 25th- East Branch
      Library--recap (Ken)
      2. Boston Cyclists Union Mobile Market events: First one at Mystic
      Housing on the 22nd and then Clarendon/North Street on a later
      3. Cambridge/Somerville/Boston/Brookline committee social at
      Flatbread--recap (Alex)

      4. Other outreach

      1. Meet and greet night (Tim)
      2. ArtBeat (Ken)
      3. Branded buttons (Laura)
      4. Other ideas for social, advocacy events


      1. Grounding McGrath and Washington St (Tim)
      2. Bike facility network

      1. Striping plans status for the season

      1. Sharrows on Prospect Street (Tim)
      2. Two-stage left turn pilot on Prospect Street/Somerville Ave (Brian,
      Charlie, Michelle)

      3. Hubway update (Sarah)

      Standing Items

      1. Complete Streets Ordinance
      2. TRIP Committee (Tim)
      3. Committee stipend (Sarah)
      4. Bow/Summer intersection striping renewal and green bike lanes (Charlie)
      5. Tour de Somerville: Saturday, October 19th, starts 10 am in Seven
      Hills Park (Ron)
      6. Bike parking, including corrals
      7. Beacon Street reconstruction
      8. DPW bike removal tagging policy
      9. SPD bicycle crash reports
      10. CBD sidewalk biking enforcement
      11. Citywide school bike parking utilization inventory
      12. East Somerville Community School
      13. Cambridge zoning update for bike parking requirements
      14. Community Path Extension