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TURMEL: VIDEO Jeff Harris Lead Plaintiff for Medpot Permit Delayeds

https://youtu.be/OynzTV2MAyQ is my VIDEO "ACMPR Grow Permit Delay Federal Court Forms" explaining how to prepare your Statement of Claim and file it online,
John Turmel
Dec 8

TURMEL: Matthew Wylie files MedPot Quash Motion in Alberta

JCT: Matthew Wylie wrote:  MW: Hello bob told me to contact you. I'm a medical patient that started before I had my registration.  JCT: Hitzig 170 says you
John Turmel
Dec 4

TURMEL: Supreme Court nixes "elections auditor fee cap" challenge

JCT: My original 1979 elections accountant retired so I used the accountant form that does my provincial returns which are paid for by the provincial
John Turmel
Dec 2

TURMEL: On BlogTalkRadio tonight 8pm EST Nov 29 2017

JCT: Janice Davis has arranged for me to be on: The Cup Of Joe  at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/live  Janice and husband Devin were on the Gold Star Team
John Turmel
Nov 29

TURMEL: Judge Bradley nixes Michael Ethier's Quash Motion

JCT: Judge Bradley didn't explain why he wouldn't follow Parker/Krieger, he just said he was following other higher courts who did not follow P/K.  THE
John Turmel
Nov 28

TURMEL: Crown Response to MedPot Bob Woolsey Quash Motion

JCT: Here's the Written Response of the Crown presented in Bob Woolsey's trial in Abbotsford BC last week. My comments are the draft of the Reply by Dec 12.
John Turmel
Nov 27

TURMEL: Judge Brown Order for MedPot Delayeds Cases Management

JCT: Here's the Order after the Nov 23 teleconference before Federal Court Justice Brown:                      FEDERAL COURT OF
John Turmel
Nov 26

TURMEL: BC Compassion Club Bob Woolsey files MedPot Quash Motion

Bob Woolsey is appearing in Provincial Court in Abbotsford BC. Judge Skilnick K.D. presiding over his trial that started Monday Nov 20 2017.. 
John Turmel
Nov 24

TURMEL: ACMPR Medpot Quash Kits up! Michael Ethier files for Nov 28!

JCT: I've had to revise the Quash Kits that worked while the MMPR was unconstitutional before Aug 24 to new kits that work now while the
John Turmel
Nov 24

TURMEL: Jeff Harris named MedPot Delayeds Lead Plaintiff

JCT: The first six Plaintiffs over "too long processing time" for permits were slated for a teleconference yesterday Nov 23. The next 9 Plaintiffs are slated
John Turmel
Nov 24

TURMEL: Judge Brown case manages 9 more MedPot Delayeds

JCT: A few days ago, in a post titled: "Judge asks Step 3,4,5,6 timeline without Step 2" the Delayed Plaintiffs were case managed together and a hearing was
John Turmel
Nov 21

TURMEL: #93 Scarborough-Agincourt Dec 11 Federal Byelection

JCT: I registered for my 93rd election campaign in 38 years yesterday in the federal riding of Scarborough-Agincourt (Toronto) on Dec 11. Since I rarely make
John Turmel
Nov 20

TURMEL: Crown moves to strike Delay Claims without reasons

JCT: Remember over the last few posts, I mentioned that the judge staying all pleadings until the upcoming teleconference on Nov 23 was to allow the Crown to
John Turmel
Nov 18

TURMEL: McIntosh Claim gets hop-to-it medpot permit after 30 weeks

JCT: I got a message from a new Gold Star Delayed, Stephen J.A. McIntosh. Here's the correspondence:     OCT 19     Hey a fellow medical marijuana
John Turmel
Nov 18

TURMEL: Chris Enns Dispensary Charges Withdrawn!!

JCT: What great news. https://globalnews.ca/news/3866947/halifax-cannabis-shop-owner-says- charges-dropped-in-relation-to-three-raids/ Halifax cannabis shop
John Turmel
Nov 18
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