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TURMEL: Crown moves to strike Delay Claims without reasons

JCT: Remember over the last few posts, I mentioned that the judge staying all pleadings until the upcoming teleconference on Nov 23 was to allow the Crown to
John Turmel
Nov 18

TURMEL: McIntosh Claim gets hop-to-it medpot permit after 30 weeks

JCT: I got a message from a new Gold Star Delayed, Stephen J.A. McIntosh. Here's the correspondence:     OCT 19     Hey a fellow medical marijuana
John Turmel
Nov 18

TURMEL: Chris Enns Dispensary Charges Withdrawn!!

JCT: What great news. https://globalnews.ca/news/3866947/halifax-cannabis-shop-owner-says- charges-dropped-in-relation-to-three-raids/ Halifax cannabis shop
John Turmel
Nov 18

TURMEL: MedPot Gold Star Delayeds Response for Federal Court

JCT: Justice Brown requested that those Plaintiffs (Gold Star on Statement of Claim) who have complained about the delays in processing their documentation
John Turmel
Nov 17

TURMEL: New Millennium Declaration is fraud, C6 down memory hole

JCT: For years, I've been touting Millennium Declaration C6 to Governments urging the "restructuring of the global financial architecture" using an
John Turmel
Nov 17

TURMEL: Art Jackes' MedPot Exemption processed in 2 days

JCT: Art got a letter from Crown Attorney Jon Bricker dated Nov 7 2017 informing him that:  CR: I am advised that your application form, with
John Turmel
Nov 8

TURMEL: Ray Therien gets exemption after 10 weeks

JCT: Ray Therien applied on Aug 25 for his ACMPR permit and after waiting 5 weeks, he filed a Statement of Claim on Sep 28 that it was taking longer than the
John Turmel
Nov 8

TURMEL: New Bible USURY stories in 68 new verses

JCT: I had a few Bible stories I wanted to add to my Bible Poem that very few know about, like the name of Jesus's Commune/Movement, why people shouldn't
John Turmel
Nov 7

TURMEL: Adrian Stuerm's deal not to appeal medpot conviction

JCT: Adrian Stuerm was sentenced to a mandatory 6-months for cultivating 65 plants in his garage. He was released after 19 days pending appeal.  The Crown
John Turmel
Nov 4

TURMEL: Art Jackes Pop Hearing on "Blue Ink" Motion

JCT: Yesterday, Art got a call in the morning from the Federal Court Registry informing him that they wanted to organize a telephone conference call between
John Turmel
Nov 4

TURMEL: FCC Justice Brown case-managing medpot permit Delayeds

JCT: Denise Beaudoin just got a fax from the Federal Court of Canada informing here:                              ORDER IT IS ORDERED pursuant
John Turmel
Nov 2

TURMEL: Art Jackes Federal Court Claim for rejection of black ink!

JCT: Someone at Health Canada decided to jerk Art Jackes around twice rejecting his application to amend his permit for signatures deemed not to be
John Turmel
Oct 31

TURMEL: Adrian Stuerm released from jail today

JCT: Adrian Stuerm had been returned to jail to finish his 6-month mandatory minimum sentence after his appeal was dismissed as frivolous.  He signed a deal
John Turmel
Oct 30

TURMEL: Judge Millar refuses to hear Tim McConnell Quash Motion!

JCT: Tim McConnell was in Gatineau Cour du Quebec Friday ready to proceed with his Motion to Quash because the exemption wasn't working when he was charged
John Turmel
Oct 28

TURMEL: HC says signatures must be in BLACK INK NOT BLUE!!

 Art Jackes' Application to Amend his MedPot Permit was rejected as not original and they suggested getting them again in blue ink. 
John Turmel
Oct 27
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