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  • Andi C.
    Mar 25, 1999
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      Hi everyone,
      My name is Adrienne and I am a single mom of a 2 year old boy. My son
      will eat chicken really well, but I'm trying to get him to eat other
      meats as well. Looking forward to some great recipes!

      --- Meat-Lovers-owner@onelist.com wrote:
      > Welcome to Meat-Lovers!
      > If you love to cook and eat meat dishes, you've come
      > to the right list!
      > Meat-Lovers is for sharing any dishes that contain
      > meat: beef/veal, poultry,
      > pork, lamb, game and fish. We'll also swap any tips
      > and tricks for preparing
      > meat.
      > The address to send list mail to is:
      > meat-lovers@onelist.com
      > If you've tried the recipe, tell us about your
      > experience cooking and eating it.
      > If you ever try a recipe sent in to the list, please
      > send in a review of it.
      > Tell us how you liked it, your family's reaction, if
      > you altered anything, etc.
      > It's always nice to hear about list recipes actually
      > used by list members!
      > This group is meant to be FUN...so I am not too
      > uptight if recipes are sent that
      > do not exactly fall into the criteria of the list.
      > If anything is ever really
      > out of line...I will say something on list or
      > privately. I don't really expect
      > this to be a problem. I've run cooking lists for a
      > little while now, and it
      > really hasn't been an issue.
      > Some off-topic chat is fine, but let's stay primarily
      > focussed on sharing meat
      > recipes/tips. I'll let the group know if I think
      > we've gotten too far away from
      > our stated purpose. (No need for members of the
      > group to police each other.)
      > Send in an introduction so we can all get to know
      > each other. If you have a
      > website, please give us the URL (whether or not it is
      > cooking related). Tell us
      > a little about yourself, your family, what you love
      > to cook, and what your
      > favorite meat dishes are.
      > If you own a mailing list yourself, feel free to
      > announce it to the list ONCE;
      > after that you can simply write contact/sub
      > information in your signature. If
      > it is a cooking list, write to me privately
      > (cyber-cooknook@...) to be
      > put on my List of Cooking Lists that I will have on
      > my website.
      > If you enjoy the list, please recommend it to your
      > friends. The more, the
      > merrier!
      > THE CYBERCOOKNOOK, in association with Amazon.com
      > I am in the process of developing a website in
      > support of my cooking lists. I
      > will let the list know when I have the Meat-Lovers
      > section completed.
      > Please list the source of any recipes you post, if
      > known. If you don't recall
      > the source, go ahead and send it in *Source unknown*.
      > I'd rather have the
      > recipe, even if you can't remember the source.
      > Recipes can be posted in any format--plain text,
      > MasterCook, Meal Master, etc.
      > (Just be sure to use single columns for your
      > ingredients--double columns can
      > really wreak havoc with some mail readers!)
      > Personally I prefer Mastercook
      > format, if you have Mastercook (it's wonderful recipe
      > software; go to
      > http://www.sierra.com to download a demo version),
      > but it is in NO WAY required.
      > Just get those yummy recipes to us any way you can!
      > I prefer that you post one recipe per message, with
      > the title of the recipe as
      > the message subject.
      > Please try to post on a regular basis. I don't EVER
      > unsubscribe people for
      > lurking...but the list will be more fun for all if we
      > all share!
      > ....Let your subject lines reflect your subject.
      > ....Always be kind to other list members. No
      > flaming.
      > ....If responding to a post, include a little of the
      > original message in your
      > reply, but not the whole thing. Just enough to let
      > us know what you are talking
      > about.
      > ....Don't send/forward any chain letters, virus
      > alerts, sick children letters,
      > etc., to the list.
      > ....Don't send any spam to the list; doing so will
      > mean automatic
      > unsubscription from the list. For those new to the
      > Net, spam is unsolicited
      > commercial e-mail (when sent to mailing lists, it is
      > usually not on the list
      > topic). If you do have something to sell that is
      > cooking related, please put
      > your URL or e-mail address in your SIG (with a little
      > *Write me for more
      > information about....*).
      > ....Don't complain about too much mail! (If it
      > happens!) Learn to manage your
      > mail, switch to digest (a long e-mail with all
      > messages of a certain time
      > period), or if you really can't take
      > it....unsubscribe.
      > I am a ListMom to other lists, and I have a few pet
      > peeves that are my own.
      > First, if someone posts something you don't like,
      > don't post to them about it on
      > list or in private. Learn to use your delete key!
      > If someone is really out of
      > line, I will say something publicly or
      > privately....no need for you (as a list
      > member) to do anything. Second, I will sometimes
      > make administrative decisions
      > regarding topicality or some such. If you disagree
      > with me, talk to me about it
      > privately and NOT on the list. Third, since I am the
      > ListMom, only I will
      > determine how recipes are posted, topicality, etc.
      > Please don't send *listcop*
      > posts to the list, where you tell other list members
      > what to or not to post on
      > the list or how to post recipes, etc. I am pretty
      > liberal about what I allow on
      > list...you need to be charitable/friendly too! Write
      > to me privately with any
      > concerns.
      > Most of all, have fun!
      > So pull up a chair...the soup's on the stove...and
      > the roast is in the
      > crockpot....
      > Happy Cooking,
      > Jamie
      > Meat-Lovers ListMom
      > Meat-Lovers-owner@onelist.com
      > To unsubscribe from this list, go to the ONElist web
      > site, at www.onelist.com,
      > and select the User Center link from the menu bar on
      > the left. The User Center
      > allows you to switch your subscription between digest
      > and single messages, as
      > well as setting to No Mail mode for when you'll be
      > away from the computer.
      > Click on the list link to be taken to the archives or
      > to post a message straight
      > to the list from the Onelist website.
      > You can also unsubscribe and set digest/normal mode
      > via e-mail.
      > Send a blank message from your subscribed account
      > to:
      > Meat-Lovers-unsubscribe@onelist.com (to unsubscribe)
      > Meat-Lovers-normal@onelist.com (to switch from digest
      > to single messages)
      > Meat-Lovers-digest@onelist.com (to switch from single
      > messages to digest)

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