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The final sendoff (for now)

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  • Vandereedt, Michael A
    This message was supposed to go out a long time ago originally, and I thought I had the perfect inspiration/occasion to do so on July 4th (11 days) ago but now
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2008
      The final sendoff (for now)

      This message was supposed to go out a long time ago originally, and I thought I had the perfect inspiration/occasion to do so on July 4th (11 days) ago but now it seems even more appropriate.  (For the record I had a historical fact that we should have been celebrating on the 2nd; if you don't know it, I'll be happy to share.)

      I'll be brief.

      RECOMMENDATION LETTERS - If you wanted me to write one, even if you already requested it, simply send me an email.  If possible, also add a description about yourself (like a resume).

      DECLARING INDEPENDENCE - I'm about to alert the incoming students to join the Yahoo group (I threw it in the assignment then realized: there will be some who won't read it :-P)  You can remain a member if you prefer getting bombarded by my sarcastic barbs and random side comments (not to mention random salutations) more than Fort Sumter and Fort McHenry combined.  Otherwise, simply send an email to MeadeAPUSH-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com.  Stay in touch, though... especially around Christmas...

      INTERESTING LINK - If it wasn't late, I'd already tell you more.

      AND THE ANSWER IS... UNCLEAR - I've been stepping up my political activism and I received a comment twice, though I'll reprint the first instance.  In pointing out a significant milestone for the military, another person gave me flak and retorted, "thanks for taking away from her accomplishment to suite your political agenda. i feel sorry for the children you claim to teach in your classes."  I simply yawned... online.

      I'm now a sustaining member of the _NC and will put a great deal of money where my mouth is this election.  I found it highly laughable about having pictures of Republican presidents in my home; last time I checked, beyond Lincoln, Jennifer Aniston, Benito Mussolini, John Cleese, Saddam Hussein, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and Cal Ripken weren't Republican Presidents (or even U.S. citizens).  But maybe it's just me; I must admit it's a real pity my most avid students heed what their teachers say.

      I said I'll be brief but I meant to say this if nothing else.  Many of you have expressed admiration for the quantity and/or quality of various talents I have exhibited.  Ironically, I had extraordinarily low self-esteem most of my school years.  Some parts of your high school experience never leave you, but the important thing is YOU choose which parts remain, which ones thrive/prosper, and which ones wither.  To paraphrase an ad, please choose responsibly.  And remember: even when you feel the best you've ever felt, the best is still always yet to come.

      Wishing I could tell you why I'm smiling more broadly every single day,
      Mr. VanDereedt

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