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v22eR now on meade's website

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  • rseymour@wolfenet.com
    Dated 07/06/01 ... version 22eR. for 497 Autostars (and it ll reportedly turn 495 s into 497 s) http://www.meade.com/support/auto.html You will also need (if
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2001
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      Dated 07/06/01 ... version 22eR. for 497 Autostars
      (and it'll reportedly turn 495's into 497's)


      You will also need (if you don't have it) Updater A2.4

      Download and unpack/install the Updater,
      then download and unpack the new ROM files.
      Then place both new rom files into the Updater's
      Ephemerides sub-sub-sub folder.

      c:\program files\meade\autostar\autostar Update\ephemerides )

      Then connect your Autostar and start the Updater.
      If you wish to retain existing "user bodies" (Sats, Comets, Asts, etc)
      you will need to click it to [get ephemerides FROM autostar].
      ** note: this does NOT save Tours. You have to reselect them
      for Autostardom from the Updater's Tours screen
      The [send new software] button pushes the new program to the Autostar.
      ** this will take 35 minutes!! DO NOT TRY TO USE YOUR PC DURING
      THAT PERIOD (walk away... walk the dog... walk the goldfish...
      trust me on this one)

      The [send ephemerides to Autostar] sends the User Bodies and tours.

      After the download is finished, you will need/want to do:
      Setup > Reset [enter]
      Site selection
      Telescope model selection (really -select- it)
      Setup > Telescope > Calibrate [enter]
      Setup > Telescope > Az Train and Alt Train
      (yes, it's a 15 minute investment, but it pays off)

      have fun
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