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Re: [MeadeUncensored] Re: i have been lokig at a starter scope itsa DS-2114 ATS-TC

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  • daniela daniela
    Yes the mechanics of the ds series is not precisely precision mechanics and is not precisely sturdy perhaps we can call it lightweight . By the way the
    Message 1 of 47 , Jul 1, 2007
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      Yes the mechanics of the ds series is not precisely "precision
      mechanics" and is not precisely "sturdy" perhaps we can call it
      "lightweight". By the way the same is equally true of more expensive
      and more "prestige" series such as the etx - especially for the "top
      of the line" 125 that stretches the limits of the design. The reason
      is of course that such scopes are designed for only occasional (if any
      at all) manual use, and with the goto, the limits of the mechanics are
      not even evident. DS means, i think, digital series, these were the
      first goto scopes in the budget range (and their electronics is good.)
      Optics are good, although if newbies are so expert with those, why so
      many people have grossly uncollimated telescopes or viceversa spend
      the evening finetuning the collimation instead of observing? Actually
      I think Meade should include some decent collimation instructions and
      a zero-cost film container, sadly, all of their manuals leave
      something to be desired, and in particular, the ds manual is utterly
      Assuming the scope comes with the adaptor for 0.965" eyepieces, there
      are plenty of fine quality Japanese .965" eyepieces if one likes the
      standard, but, if one takes the time to call Meade they will ship an
      adaptor to 1.25" for free, or, if one would rather not waste time,
      they cost a few dollar at your local shop.
      Personally I would find it difficult to use (and impossible to enjoy)
      a 6" dobson, unless, of course, is equipped with a couple of serious
      rings and mounted on a serious eq mount, which is the only feasible
      alternative to a goto for this range of apertures, and this is
      especially true if we're not talking of a 6yr old who, at least, has
      the physical build to look in the mini-dobson without becoming a
      Try to find amateurs in your area and ask if any of them would help
      you tinker with your new scope (whatever you end up buying) for cheap
      or for free.
      Anyway... Thad said it all... such scopes proudly stand on side of his
      mighty instruments.... as small decent and usable and enjoyable
      scopes, very well worth the price, and not "unusable toys" or "pieces
      of junk".
    • John Mahony
      ... Unfortunately that s been a problem for several years now, ever since they started selling so many scopes in dept stores. Their customer service dept was
      Message 47 of 47 , Jul 3, 2007
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        --- mistrbadgr <mistrbadgr@...> wrote:
        > So far, the Meade people have bent over backwards to help me and have
        > been eventually good on their word every time I have worked with
        > them. I believe their intentions are good, but they have some
        > internal communications and new employee education issues to work out
        > that will help them greatly.

        Unfortunately that's been a problem for several years now, ever since they
        started selling so many scopes in dept stores. Their customer service dept was
        overwhelmed, so they hired a lot of new people, but I guess Meade thought
        they'd only need people who could tell confused newbies which end of the scope
        to look through, because they don't seem very knowledgeable. Until a few years
        ago there were only a half dozen or so CS reps, but each was an expert in one
        line or another of Meade's more advanced products, so they really knew what
        they were talking about. Now they've got lots of people who sound like summer
        interns or minimum wage hires.


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