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Now David P. Brown, et al, is now after Charles Blair??

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  • Robert Baty
    I guess David P. Brown and his faithful followers on the Contendingftf list are having trouble getting folks to stay with them in a discussion. I was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2006
      I guess David P. Brown and his "faithful" followers on the Contendingftf list are having trouble getting folks to stay with them in a discussion. I was staying up with them and showing them up for what they were, but they chose to ban me from the list. Since that time, their adversaries have tended to become so put off with their shenanigans that they leave voluntarily before being banned.

      In any case, Ken Chumbley, representing David P. Brown and the Contendingftf faithful, is now "picking on" one Charles Blair from my own neck of the woods. Charles does not appear to be a member of the list and probably does not even know of the fuss Ken has decided to make over one of his bulleting articles.

      It might be interesting to see if Charles shows up and tries to engage Ken, et al, on the subject raised by Ken.

      Here's Ken's post:


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      From: "Ken Chumbley"
      Mon Jun 5, 2006 12:42 pm

      Subject: What think ye?

      I received this article in a congregational bulletin this past week:


      > A. We are to love the brotherhood
      > (I Peter 2:17). I know of no definition
      > of love that says "I do not care".

      > When we see faithful brethren at
      > odds with each other across the
      > brotherhood, it should bring sadness
      > to our hearts. It is in the area of
      > what we do that most of us need to
      > take heed. We should make up our
      > minds top not be used of Satan to
      > make the problem worse. Paul
      > warned the brethren in Corinth
      > that we are not to be ignorant of
      > the devices that Satan will sue to
      > hurt the body of Christ
      > (II Corinthians 2:11).

      > When it is faithful brethren who
      > are at odds with one another, it
      > is time for prayer for them and
      > the situation. If I have love for
      > the brotherhood, then, my love
      > should cause me to pray for that
      > brotherhood and those who are
      > having difficulties getting along.

      > We have been taught to pray and
      > not faint (Luke 18:1). We do not
      > give up but are constant in our
      > prayer life for those things that
      > occupy our hearts
      > (I Thessalonians 5:17).

      > Men who have stood for the truth
      > and risked all to teach it, are not
      > to be disregarded as though all
      > their life has been deceit. Good
      > men can, at times, come to different
      > ideas in matters of judgment.

      > One of the best things we can do
      > after prayer is to become involved
      > in our local works of spreading the
      > gospel, helping the less fortunate
      > and building up the body of Christ
      > where we work. If good men need
      > our advice they can contact us.

      > Otherwise pray and stay out of the
      > way. Our enemy is Satan and not
      > each other (Ephesians 6:12).

      > The harvest fields are around our
      > doors, with people who we work
      > and live next to.

      > That is our focuas.

      > We say it with love for the
      > brotherhood when we manifest
      > that love by seeking to increase
      > the size of it through the teaching
      > of the gospel of Christ.

      What think ye?

      Because of the timing of the article and what is going on across the brotherhood, if the current situation is that to which the writer refers then, I believe, he is compromising. Further, he is calling matters of doctrine, matters of judgment. If differences are in the realm of opinion or human judgment, then the advice would be sound. However, if it does indeed refer to the current situation he is bidding godspeed to error by labeling it "judgment."

      O, yes, the author of the article is Charles Blair from Indianapolis, Indiana.

      Ken Chumbley
      Belvedere Church of Christ
      535 Clearwater Road
      Belvedere, SC 29841- 2575
      Tel. No. 803-442-6388


      My further comments:

      See link for original post and respones:


      Robert Baty

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