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Our cubic zirconias!

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  • Robert Baty
    Some may recall how I recently showed up some of the wannabe faithful of the Contendingftf list in what might be considered record time.Since then, a number
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2006
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      Some may recall how I recently showed up some of the wannabe faithful of the Contendingftf list in what might be considered record time.

      Since then, a number of other reprobate sorts like me have come and gone from that list or are in the process of their own coming and then going. In my case, however, I was willing to stay for the long haul, but the Contendingftf wannabe's could not handle it and sent me packing.

      One of the current reprobates there is a fellow named Chad. I don't know him, and offer no opinion on his issues. However, what he says about his experience on the list sounds very familiar and somewhat like my own experience with those folks.

      Here are excerpts from Chad's recent post, taken from the public archives:


      ContendingFTF �� Contending For The Faith
      Message 2308 of 2313

      From: "Chad Dollahite"
      Date: Mon May 22, 2006 5:30 pm

      Subject: Enough...

      When I first initiated this discussion, I stated that I would not consume myself in a barrage of endless and meaningless questioning that would be directed towards me by a few who are so confident that they have everything together and don���t want to be confused with the facts.

      I was of the opinion that the points I would raise would probably prompt some to ���observe the Passover��� and pass right over what are valid points of discussion, seeking to center all discussions around the items of THEIR choosing.

      I am no prophet, but that is exactly what occurred.

      Despite my pessimism for constructive discussion, it was yet my hope that some had not wholly lost the ability to be fair and reasonable in their thought process and would see the inconsistent saber-rattling of a few of the brethren on these lists.

      It is clear to see that there is glaring inconsistency practiced by these members in regard to WHOM they scold and chastise and to what degree, if any, it is done.

      The Bible calls that showing respect of persons.

      Here are some observations:

      4. Brother Denham likes to pontificate to the list members and offer me endless lists of questions, all the while continuing in the willful blindness, and he is willfully ignorant of...

      5. (Paul was also slandered in this way���Romans 3:8���so, I guess I am in good company there).

      I do not claim to be perfect. My point, as these brethren well know, was to apply the same teaching that Jesus Himself applied in Matthew 7:1-5.

      Get the beam out, brethren, and then maybe we can reason with one another.

      I am finished with this discussion.

      I have said all I can say, and the discussion is just going in circles.

      The hedging we have seen in recent days just shows how far some will go to deny inconsistency.

      I have neither the time nor desire to discuss anything when this kind of dishonesty prevails.

      I can only hope that the good, honest, sincere brethren out there will read these posts and see that inconsistencies abound on the part of many on these lists.

      As one brother said,

      > ���If consistency is a jewel,
      > then some brethren are
      > nothing more than a cubic
      > zirconia.���

      My whole point all along has been to show that those who beat the war drum so loudly might want to cease their drumming just long enough to listen to those with whom they are playing side-by-side.

      Are you listening?


      Many brethren can see that for what it is.

      It is called cronyism and in the case of some nepotism, but with all involved it is called inconsistency.

      How sad that those carrying the drumsticks can not see with the same clarity as those who have been observing such clamor from the bleachers.

      Perhaps if the beam were removed from the eye, sight could be restored to the drum corps.

      Are there any spiritual optometrists among you?

      Brethren are beginning to wonder.

      I am weary from fighting so many ���tar babies.���

      As Regis Philbin would say, this is my ���final answer.���

      I do not doubt that we will be literally inundated with responses and further attacks, but as David Brown himself wrote,

      > ���If you have anything else
      > to say, let ���er rip.���

      For my part, I leave it to the readers to determine what is right.

      Thank you all for your time and consideration,

      Chad Dollahite


      My further comments:

      I guess I hurt them worse than Chad did, for David P. Brown and his operatives would not allow me to "let 'er rip". They couldn't handle the truth and silenced me.

      Perhaps I should take "pride" in showing them up so badly that they ran me off rather than let me speak.

      Robert Baty

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