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Re: [M & B] What about our "integral agencies"!

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    In a message dated 7/9/2005 9:00:13 AM US Eastern Standard Time, rlbaty@webtv.net writes: As Arthur Levine and Jeanette Cureton noted in 1998, students are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2005
      In a message dated 7/9/2005 9:00:13 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
      rlbaty@... writes:
      As Arthur Levine and Jeanette Cureton noted in 1998, "students are
      coming to college overwhelmed and more damaged than in the past." More
      than half of the campuses Levine and Cureton surveyed reported
      difficulties with student eating disorders; 44 percent reported campus
      disruptions, 42 percent drug abuse, 35 percent alcohol abuse, 25 percent
      gambling, and 23 percent suicide attempts. Nearly one-third of all
      freshmen grew up in single-parent households; and they are driven to
      college, not by a passion for learning, much less truth, but by terror
      that without a college degree they have nothing to look forward to but
      lives on minimum wage.

      There have always been problem students; but the numbers who bring
      problems with them to college have grown, as have the intractability of
      the problems (histories of sexual abuse as children, single-parent and
      dysfunctional homes, chronic psychological traumas and illnesses). The
      less selective a college can afford to be, the more likely it will see
      mounting numbers of the damaged among its student population.


      I was following the article pretty well until I hit these two paragraphs,
      where I promptly recoiled in disgust. The criterion for university admission
      should be evidence of the academic ability to fulfill learning requirements, not
      an absence of any problems in the students' lives. All universities of which
      I am aware have certain behaviors which will merit expulsion or suspension:
      things like cheating, plagiarizing, criminal conduct, etc. But to refuse to
      accept a student because they have been depressed or have been raised by a single
      parent or even abused is preposterous. By all means, let's condemn those
      who have already been mistreated to complete societal abandonment.

      By the way, this little edict would have successfully weeded out any number
      of scientific and literary geniuses.

      A universitiy's mandate is to educate. How will society be bettered if these
      "problem students" are not educated? And what is most appalling of all is
      the supposition that Christianity is best spread to those already well - an idea
      the Great Physicial himself dismissed two thousand years ago.

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