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Re: [M & B] "Christian Chronicle" on Dr. Bert!

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    ... MM writes: This describes any who claim to be a Christian. Cassondra: True, however, each person s representative responsibility is limited by his role and
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      --- Cassondra wrote:
      >It is my business because Bert Tthompson is a man who has
      >claimed to be representing my Saviour to the lost world.

      MM writes:

      This describes any who claim to be a Christian.


      True, however, each person's representative responsibility is limited by his
      role and exposure. So it is that those who choose to teach bear greater
      burdens. I would stand against ANY man who committed these acts, and even more so
      against one who exalts himself as a public figure and then exploits that
      position in order to abuse children.

      Cassondra wrote:

      >His sins, which are apparently both heinous and public
      >enough to bring about his public downfall and lead to public
      >discussion, sully the name of Christ and the name of


      And the remedy is to discuss it more???

      Do you contend the details of every person's sins should be
      made public? I disagree! To advertise sin is to tempt
      others. Did you call a press conference to detail the sins
      in your life? It would be inappropriate.

      Thompson sinned against God and against others. Unless I am
      among those he sinned against, it is none of my business. Do
      you believe that the details of every Christian's sin is
      your business?


      Absolutely the remedy is not only to discuss it more but to act on it. One
      of the few enduring charms of an old-fashioned point of view is the
      protectionist stance toward women, children, and innocents in general, and I am surprised
      that you are not exhibiting it now.

      Pedophiles are monsters whose acts destroy the very fabric of society. Their
      sins are in no way private, nor are the consequences. Men who so behave
      ought to be publicly shamed and humiliated and then put to an immediate death.
      The unspeakable danger that they represent to society would thus be eliminated
      and the impact on society would be immediate. The recuperative rate of
      pedophiles is a statistical zero.

      Unfortunately and as was exhibited by the numbers of people in this very case
      who knew and did nothing, our society permits these monsters to live and prey
      among us, devouring our innocents while we stand idly by. Not a week passes
      that a child is not molested, killed, kidnapped, forced to pose for
      pornographic pictures, etc., and those are simply the stories that make the news. We as
      a culture are creating and feeding these parasites and we must rid ourselves
      of them and the filth on which they feed.

      If our society ostracized and denounced such creatures, then our children
      might be able to walk to the park, play in the yard, sleep in their beds, or chat
      with their ministers without forever living under the watchful eye of their
      parents. Ha! Not today.


      The restitution Thompson owes is likely unpayable. He has
      damaged many. There is no grace in being humble for one
      already lower than a snakes belly. I know Thompson can be
      forgiven. I hope he will be able to find it.


      I don't know whether Thompson can be forgiven or not. I do know that God is
      willing to give men over to their sins if they so desire, at which point they
      have passed beyond his forgiveness. Those who long for lies will find a
      delusion to keep them happy. Pedophiles fill their black hearts and souls with sin
      long before they ever act, in their obsessive fantasies, their porn, their
      furtive glances and their gentle hugs. By the time they act, they have already
      destroyed the purity of their heart. By the time they are caught, they have
      most often committed the act dozens and dozens of times.

      Pedophiles don't quit; they get caught. If Thompson were truly repentant, he
      would have himself castrated and then permanently imprisoned. Saying "I'm
      sorry" isn't repentance. He's lost everything not because he gave it up, but
      because it was taken from him when the truth finally found him out.

      If Thompson has done all that, then yeah, maybe God will forgive him. In the
      meantime, we have only his fruits to judge him by.


      >The apostle Paul had no problem naming sinners and their
      >sins publicly and demanding that the church oppose them, and
      >neither do I.

      There is difference between naming sinners and naming
      penitants. When Paul listed heinous sinners that would receive
      punishment, he ended the list by saying 'And such were some
      of you' in 1 Cor 6:11. Paul was not opposed to them after
      they repented!


      As I've said, I will judge him penitent by the fruits he produces. And
      regardless of penitence or not, consequences must be met. One of the consequences
      of preying on children is that the world must be made aware that you are a
      predator. Silence such as you promote is what makes pedophiles the highly
      successful monsters that they are: there's always someone too cowardly or too
      priggish to confront them, or else too gullible not to swallow their lies.


      Cassondra, I am amazed that you blame Apologetics Press for
      Thompson's hidden behavior. When his sin was found out, he
      was fired. Why not blame Thompson's wife for not knowing?


      I hold accountable any organization who puts a man in a position of power and
      then allows him to abuse it, be it Catholic parishes, Boy Scout troops, high
      school coaches, whatever. It is plain from the article that there was
      sufficient cause to question the man but for reasons of their own, they chose not to
      do so, putting their own objectives over the innocence and safety of others.

      As for Thompson's wife, she may well be to blame or she may be another
      victim. I have no earthly idea, but I do know that both scenarios are possible.
      However, his wife is responsible only for giving the man power over herself (and
      possibly their children if they have any.) AP is responsible for giving the
      man power over a great many more.

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