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"Chronicle" editorial on Dr. Bert's problem!

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    From the Christian Chronicle website: OPINION Sexual misconduct demands action June 22, 2005 If ever there were a topic on which leaders are tempted to keep
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      From the "Christian Chronicle" website:


      Sexual misconduct demands action
      June 22, 2005

      If ever there were a topic on which leaders are tempted to keep their
      heads in the sand, it is sexual misconduct or sexual abuse among church

      We must change this culture immediately.
      This culture change must begin today in every organization in which
      Christians have a stake — congregations, ministries, Christian camps,
      schools and universities. We must move to protect honest teachers,
      volunteers, paid staff and participants.

      Timely and appropriate disclosure is crucial. To wait, to waffle, to try
      to avoid the inevitable could allow the abuse to spread to other
      victims. Waiting will lead to greater erosion of confidence, widened
      crises and deepen damage when the truth inevitably surfaces.
      Christians' commitment to truth demands nothing less than immediate

      It grieves all Christians to see a good work damaged by charges of
      sexual misconduct. We should use our feelings of alarm and frustration
      to spur ourselves to action.

      Do not wait for grand juries. Do not wait for rumors to grow. Gather
      your best advisors - a public school principal, a professional counselor
      and an attorney, for example.

      These professionals are available to most churches. At work, they deal
      with the safety of children. They understand this type of policy. Work
      with them to create a sexual-misconduct policy. Ask to see the policy of
      the organizations you care about.

      After you have created the policy, have the courage to communicate it
      clearly and completely to everyone in your organization. Make sure each
      staff member and volunteer knows that the policy is taken seriously at
      the highest levels. Make sure each worker understands how to respond to
      any suspicious behavior or other impropriety. Make sure a proper
      investigation occurs quickly to clear the innocent.

      Teach every member of the organization to trust their instincts and make
      reports immediately. In many such cases, people close to the situation
      later say, "We'd suspected it for years." In such cases, we are
      complicit in the misconduct.

      Once you have established a policy and communicated it to all, follow it
      to the letter when reports are made. Do not wait one hour beyond the
      first report of misconduct. Do not wait until a reporter calls.

      Christians must stand for honesty in all things, purity in matters
      sexual, and prudence in safeguarding our communities and our witness to
      the world.

      All this is at stake when we fail to act.
      Once we have set a policy for addressing sexual misconduct, we must
      carefully consider how to respond to acts of misconduct or abuse from
      the past.

      Believe, support and pray for the victims of sexual abuse whether they
      are children, rape victims or other victims of sexual crimes or sins.
      Remember, acts of sexual misconduct are sinful whether or not they also
      are criminal.
      Rapidly consult professionals to address the shame, guilt, anger and
      other long-term mental, sexual and spiritual consequences of abuse.

      Rapidly triage the families of victims and perpetrators alike. Do not
      waste energy criticizing others.

      Too often, in the rush to safeguard a ministry finances from a backlash
      following sexual misconduct, victims are overlooked, abuse is prolonged
      and damage is spread.

      In the post-clergy-scandal environment, honest and accurate reports are
      more important than ever. The world is watching.

      In May 2002, Scott LaMascus responded to the growing clergy sexual abuse
      scandal in the Catholic church in an Inside Story column reminding us to
      be vigilant about sexual misconduct.

      "This is no time for timidity. Elders can act now to find help to ensure
      that children are safe," he wrote.

      A list of resources is available on this Web site. We cannot assure
      results, but we encourage churches to use these resources to begin

      Use them to protect your organization.

      Use them to protect your children.

      Use them to protect the church and its witness.

      This month's news reminds us of the high costs of inaction.

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