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70-549 & the CCDR?

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  • rlbaty@webtv.net
    I couldn t pass this up. It looks like there s really been some moving and shaking going on regarding a certain organization that may or may not be an
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2005
      I couldn't pass this up. It looks like there's really been some moving
      and shaking going on regarding a certain organization that may or may
      not be an "integral agency of the churches of Christ".

      It kinda sounds like some brethren really think the organization needs
      to be taken to task for even presuming to use "church of Christ" in its
      name (like it wasn't an "integral agency of the church").

      How odd, don't you think? Why aren't these guys taking on the 70-549

      Anyway, see what you think. The link and text of the publicly avaialble
      message follows my name below.

      Robert Baty



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      From: Gary Grizzell <yoder@...>
      Date: Fri May 27, 2005  3:44 pm
      Subject: [LURlist] Update on Proposed Meeting with Joe Dudney and His

      Update on Proposed Meeting with Joe Dudney and His Board:

      To those who have been concerned about the so-called "Churches of
      Disaster Relief, Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee, I recently mailed a
      letter to brother Joe Dudney, the executive director of the CCDR, Inc.
      Nashville, and invited him to come to a forum which I was seeking to set
      up in
      order to discuss (primarily) calling his organization, "Churches of
      (Disaster Relief). I informed him that the forum would be held at the
      Powell Grove Church of Christ (Lebanon, TN) who had agreed to
      host the same and that brother Jim Green had agreed to video the forum
      (if it
      could be set up
      at a time which did not conflict with his schedule). I also stated that
      we would
      have a moderator.

      I additionally mentioned in my letter that I had contacted certain
      (who said that they would be willing to come and each speak for an
      allotted time
      (provided it did not conflict with their schedules). I proposed that Joe
      could bring an equal number of men to speak and that those persons might
      chosen from his Board of Directors OR whomsoever he chose to come and to
      his position. I sought to emphasize that everyone could and should
      themselves as a Christian gentlemen if such a meeting could take place.

      Well, I have now received a response letter from brother Dudney. It was
      a well
      written letter on CCDR stationery rejecting the offer to participate in
      proposed forum. Of course his letter better explains his reasons why he
      and his
      board were unwilling to meet but suffice it to say, he and his board
      (with whom
      he had discussed my letter) did not feel the need to meet in such a
      forum since
      they were well-versed in the Bible and were convinced they had the
      Biblical right to use the expression, "Churches of
      Christ," in the manner they do.

      Now, since these brethren are so well-versed in the Bible would not this
      been an excellent chance to answer their critics once and for all? It is
      position that they know that they cannot prove their position from the
      Testament and therefore were/are afraid to meet under these fair
      Brother Green could have videoed the entire forum for all in the
      have access. To me it speaks volumes that brother Joe Dudney will not
      meet. He
      had been crying in times past that one of his critics (me) would not
      meet with
      him and his board, but now that I have given him a chance to actually
      under fair conditions where some actual progress might be made, he
      declined the offer. In reality his bluff has been called and he has
      shown his
      true colors for all to see.

      Brother Dudney will not meet in an honorable debate type forum! What has
      he got
      to lose if he knows he has the truth? What is he afraid of if it is
      truly the
      case that "Bible scholars" who are "heavy weights in the brotherhood"
      (as he
      once stated in an email to a preacher)
      have studied and thus reached the conclusion that the CCDR is scriptural
      every respect? Poor Joe Dudney, his bluff to meet and discuss matters
      has been
      called and he has backed down. However, we should not be surprised at
      reaction in that the spirit of liberalism is nothing more than symbolism
      substance when it comes to actually being set for a genunine defense of
      gospel (Phil. 1:17; I Pet. 3:15).

      Sincerely, in the Cause of Christ,
      Gary L. Grizzell

      Co-Director of The Annual England PTWCOG Lectures; Editor of Annual
      Lectureship book; Preacher: Wartburg Church of Christ, Wartburg, TN

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