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  • Todd S. Greene
    Hi, everyone. The smell of the freshly dead skunk my dad and I hit while driving in the night a few days ago does not even come close to comparing to the rank
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2005
      Hi, everyone.

      The smell of the freshly dead skunk my dad and I hit while driving
      in the night a few days ago does not even come close to comparing to
      the rank smell of hypocrisy of people like Bert Thompson. When the
      National Geographic screwed up in prematurely promoting the one
      particular feathered dinosaur fossil that turned out to be a hoax,
      the magazine *immediately* came clean on the matter. Creationists
      are so dirty rotten that they cannot bring themselves to come clean
      even many decades after their obstinate promote of false
      information, and then when they *finally* stop promoting the false
      information the vast majority of them never actually get around to
      admitting that they screwed up, but just very quietly stop using the
      false information. Bert Thompson himself is *notorious* for
      operating in this purposely deceitful manner, so his sheer audacity
      for trying to turn National Geographic's *honest mistake* into some
      kind of "evolutionist conspiracy" is all the more glaring. Moon
      dust, anyone?

      Bert Thompson doesn't just have a log in his eye, he has a whole
      forest in it, which makes it all the more amazing for him to be
      making a big deal about the speck of dust of the mistaken promotion
      of the feathered dinosaur hoax (which was *immediately* corrected).
      (And notice how Thompson et al *never* mention one word about the
      *several* legitimate specimens of feathered dinosaur fossils. Is
      that deceitful, or what?)

      What happens to dishonest scientists in the scientific community,
      when they are discovered? They lose their careers. What happens to
      dishonest creationists in the creationist community? They are
      *praised* for their "bolding" in "standing up against the atheistic
      conspiracy." This demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of the
      creationist community, beyond just showing that they simply can't
      handle reality.

      Todd Greene
    • rlbaty@webtv.net
      In light of Todd s latest discussion regarding the issue, I thought it would be approriate to copy an excerpt from Rick s latest effort to help the folks out
      Message 2 of 3 , Mar 1, 2005
        In light of Todd's latest discussion regarding the issue, I thought it
        would be approriate to copy an excerpt from Rick's latest effort to help
        the folks out on the CFTF list (I wonder how long they will let him

        Here's the note from Rick (excerpts):

        > From: Rick Hartzog
        > Date: Tue, Mar 1, 2005
        > To: CFTF@yahoogroups.com
        > Subject: [CFTF] Re: Just in

        > This, my friends, is exactly the
        > sort of thing I'm talking about. 

        > The record of the fluctuations
        > in the Earth's magnetic field has
        > been known for years and years
        > and years, but this keeps popping
        > up...

        > > King wrote:
        > > Just in from a scientist...

        > What -- "just in" 20 years ago?

        > If you will name the scientist, I'll
        > provide you with a half-dozen
        > links to reputable sources, such
        > as NASA and Stanford University,
        > that discredit his/her conclusions.

        > > King:
        > > ...the sun is shrinking 21/2 miles per year...

        > If you're using the study that
        > reported a shrinkage of 5 feet/hour,
        > that works out to about 8.29 miles
        > per year...

        > Friends, it has been over 30 years
        > since I first heard about the C-14
        > tests that showed living mollusks
        > (sometimes it's snails, sometimes
        > clams or something) to be thousands
        > of years old.  And for 30-some
        > years, we have known why this is so. 

        > But it's still out there on
        > creationist sites. 

        > To continue to present this argument,
        > knowing that it is false and knowing
        > why it is false, as current science is
        > dishonest.

        > And do you want to know where I
        > first heard about this false claim? 

        > In church.  That's right, our little
        > country church had one of these
        > creationist speakers come in and
        > tell us all about it. 

        > Maybe he didn't know he was lying
        > to us.  Or maybe he did, but needed
        > the money we paid him to come speak. 

        > I don't know.

        > But now they do know that they are
        > lying.  They know it very well. 

        > It is unethical, deceptive,
        > underhanded and incongruous with
        > Christianity to do such things. 

        > And they do it over and over again. 

        > It's wrong. 

        > On face value alone it is wrong, but
        > to get up in church and do it in the
        > name of Christianity is outright evil. 

        > I'm not kidding about this. 

        > When I said the young-earth argument
        > is a tool of Satan I meant it.  Do not
        > be deceived by it.

        > Here is an example for you. 

        > Carbon-14 dating only works on
        > organic material that is less than
        > around 50,000 years old.  We all
        > know that.  Creationist "scientists"
        > know it, too.  So what do they do? 

        > They take dinosaur bones, that they
        > know are much, much older than
        > 50,000 years and send them to a
        > lab requesting C-14 dating. 

        > They claim that they didn't tell the
        > lab that the bones were dinosaur
        > bones to "eliminate experimental
        > bias," but what they are eliminating
        > is any chance that the bones will be
        > correctly dated.  If they had
        > told the lab it was dinosaur bones,
        > the lab would have told them
        > immediately that C-14 dating wouldn't
        > work, and would have suggested
        > another dating test.  But the lab is
        > unaware of the deception and
        > conducts the test, and comes up with
        > an age of around 15,000 years
        > for the bones. 

        > They send the test results to the
        > creationist "scientists" who immediately
        > say, "Aha!" and put it out
        > as evidence that dinosaurs and
        > humans co-existed.


        > Rick Hartzog
        > Worldwide Church of Latitudinarianism

        I think you can probably figure out the connection to Todd's post and to
        Dr. Bert's most recent "rock 'n reel" promotion.

        If you read Rick's message closely, you can even see where he gets into
        the "Goliath of GRAS" a bit.

        Robert Baty

        P.S. to Rick: Rick, you might try using my "Goliath of GRAS" to
        logically point out how it is the "young-earth, creation-science"
        position can be falsified. The own known alternative to the argument is
        that the YEC promoters have to admit their real world claims aren't
        subject to falsification based on real world evidence.

        Of course, if you brought up my "Goliath" on the CFTF list, you would
        probably also haste your dismissal from the list or your ability to post
        thereon on the subject.

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