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FW: [FFRF in the News] Madison Group Suing Federal Government Over Faith-Based Initiative

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  • Clyde Baxley
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2005
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      >Subject: [FFRF in the News] Madison Group Suing Federal Government Over
      >Faith-Based Initiative
      >Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 08:50:30 -0800
      >FFRF in the News
      >"Madison Group Suing Federal Government Over Faith-Based Initiative"
      >January 3, 2004
      >The following Associated Press story, about faith-based organizations
      >receiving federal funding in Wisconsin, reports on the Freedom From
      >Religion Foundation's faith-based lawsuit. The text of the article follows
      >after the link.
      >Madison Group Suing Federal Government Over Faith-Based Initiative
      >January 3, 2005
      >Faith-based organizations in Wisconsin received more than $12 million in
      >federal grants from the Bush administration in 2003 to deliver services
      >ranging from abstinence education to housing assistance.
      >President George Bush announced his faith-based initiative early in his
      >presidency to give religious organizations equal footing in competing for
      >federal contracts.
      >The Associated Press reviewed records that provide details for the first
      >time on what religious groups have received federal money through the
      >president's efforts.
      >In Wisconsin, the money was divided among 21 religious organizations. Many
      >of them provide housing assistance for the poor or homeless.
      >AP interviews with 19 of the 21 grant recipients found that only two groups
      >say religion is an optional part of their programs. One group says while
      >its values are woven into the curriculum, there's nothing overtly religious
      >about what they do.
      >Federal rules governing the money prohibit organizations from requiring
      >participants to engage in a religious activity.
      >The Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a federal
      >lawsuit claiming the Bush administration illegally favors religious groups
      >for federal contracts, violating the First Amendment.
      >Catherine Marian Housing, Racine, $110,107, HUD
      >Catholic Community Services Inc., Superior, $20,000, HUD
      >City of Madison (fiscal agent for two groups: Porchlight Inc. and Housing
      >Initiatives Inc.), $750,000, HUD
      >*Community Advocates, Milwaukee, $22,355, Department of Education
      >Edgewood College, $220,672, Department of Justice
      >HOLIE Inc., Milwaukee, $3.6 million, HUD
      >Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ, $676,598, two grants
      >from HHS
      >Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Madison Area, $109,992, HUD
      >Lutheran Social Services, Eau Claire, $1.4 million, seven grants from HHS
      >and the Department of Housing and Urban Development
      >Lutheran Social Services, Superior, $15,974, HHS
      >Marion House, Green Bay, $131,579, Department of Health and Human Services
      >Milwaukee Boys & Girls Club, Milwaukee, $1 million, HHS
      >Milwaukee Christian Center, $226,000, HUD
      >Opportunities Industrialization Center of Greater Milwaukee, $848,309, two
      >grants from HHS
      >Rosalie Manor, Milwaukee, $609,478, HHS
      >Racine Vocational Ministry, $63,311, HUD
      >St. Coletta of Wisconsin, Inc., Jefferson, $780,500, HUD
      >The Salvation Army, Madison, $123,193, HUD
      >The Salvation Army, Milwaukee, $762,293, HUD
      >Transitional Living Services Inc., Racine, $515,909, HUD
      >Unified Catholic School of Oshkosh Inc., $244,557, Department of Education
      >*Community Advocates received the grant for its Parents Plus program,
      >designed to increase parent involvement in schools; officials said they are
      >not a faith-based organization. The group subcontracts with the Institute
      >for Transformation of Learning at Marquette University in Milwaukee, a
      >Jesuit school.
      >Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press . All rights reserved. This material
      >may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
      >This E-News is courtesy of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, PO Box
      >750, Madison WI 53701. If you no longer wish to receive FFRF updates and
      >alerts, simply reply and ask to be removed.
      >The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a national association of
      >freethinkers (atheists and agnostics) working to keep church and state
      >separate since 1978. For more information, go to http://www.ffrf.org
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