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Re: Hard cases make for bad law?

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  • Tamara
    Beautifully stated, Cassondra. I was quite moved. With best regards, Tamara ... From: cassondrawrites@aol.com To: Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com Sent:
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 30, 2004
      Beautifully stated, Cassondra. I was quite moved.

      With best regards,

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      Subject: Re: Hard cases make for bad law?

      There is a vast difference between stopping medical procedures that cannot
      cure or improve a child's lot, or any patient's, and in actively killing another
      human being. Having a medical degree does not give someone the right to kill
      simply because they have determined that someone else's life is not worth
      living. The policy under consideration in the Netherlands is that of allowing
      the government or medical authorities to take the lives of the voiceless - the
      children, the retarded, the comatose. I would imagine the severely mentally
      ill are not far behind on that list. The voiceless are the very ones government
      should protect, not exterminate. Doubtless such a policy is very comforting
      to lawmakers who will no longer have to shoulder these persons' medical bills,
      to society who will no longer be inconvenienced or shamed by the "imperfect"
      in their midst, and to the families who have tired of struggling with
      difficult situations ( also known as fellow human beings), but God will avenge
      innocent blood. I have to say, Europe has a lovely history with men who in their
      exalted intellectual state have seen fit to murder the unworthy; this last
      incarnation merely pretends to be more sophisticated than the last and enjoys the
      same freedoms as the previous one. Europeans have not historically proven
      themselves much when it comes to standing up to genocide in their midst; they have
      developed a fine tolsrance for it.

      Death is inevitable for each of us, and many more of us, I imagine, live with
      daily agony of some kind than do not. These facts make life more precious,
      not less. A child who has survived the foray into this life and still clings
      to his existence ought not to have that battle turned against him because those
      who ought to have been his fellow soldiers stabbed him in the back -
      literally - rather than having the courage to fight alongside him. Life is difficult
      - life is pain - but life is madly, wildly beautiful all the same. There is
      nothing hard for me in condemning those who murder the voiceless.


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