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My vindication? May be!

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  • rlbaty@webtv.net
    I ll just post the excerpt following my name below and see if you folks can figure out how the post from Keith Sisman s chum Ken Chumbley vindicates, in part,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2002
      I'll just post the excerpt following my name below and see if you folks
      can figure out how the post from Keith Sisman's chum Ken Chumbley
      vindicates, in part, my "feeble efforts" concerning the YEC movement and
      the men behind it.

      If only someone could get Bert Thompson, Ph.D. to be as responsive.

      Robert Baty



      Date:  Sat Dec 7, 2002  8:32 pm
      Subject:  Re: Reply to HonestyandTruth web site - Post 5

      Brian Galloway wrote:

      "This seven page link is by Ken Chumbley who is upset because he read a
      brochure put out by Paddy...(...the brochure was put out in 1992...)
      Folks, this is (actually 10) years ago."

      Ken Chumbley here:

      Since when does time turn falsehoods into the truth? . . .The
      information in the brochure was not true when it was written and time
      has not changed it. . .

      Brian Galloway wrote:

      "Perhaps Paddy feels his time is justified in greater endeavors (I'm
      just guessing here)."

      Ken Chumbley here:

      . . . However, that letter does not deal with the
      falsehoods at all. . .

      Brian Galloway writes:

      "What is in the brochure that is so bad? Ken lists three 'un-truths.'

      1. In 1994, Paddy stated there were 12 Christians meeting in P'boro and
      that assembly was about 3 years old and had never been served by a
      evangelist. Ken states that the congregation was 9 years old and had had
      two full-time supported evangelists, Ken and Mark Louis. Ken, this is 8
      years ago. What is the big deal?"

      Ken Chumbley here:

      Brian asks, "What is the big deal?" I guess Brian does not think that
      not being truthful is not a "big deal." . . .

      Brian writes:

      "Well, Ken explains that Paddy tried to suggest that the P'boro
      congregation was never a church of Christ. . ."

      Ken Chumbley:

      Brian, I was not the one that said that.

      Brian Galloway wrote:

      "Sometimes when you make a mountain out of nothing, it is evident you
      are grasping at straws."

      Ken Chumbley here:

      Brian has been the one "grasping at straws." A difference in dates and a
      move of location do not turn falsehoods into truth.

      Ken Chumbley
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