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Re: [Maury_and_Baty] Cultism in AMWAY?

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  • Tamara
    In both the People s Temple AND Amway? Wow, sounds like someone needs some serious deprogramming (and probably some psychotherapy to figure out why he s drawn
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2004
      In both the People's Temple AND Amway? Wow, sounds like someone needs some serious deprogramming (and probably some psychotherapy to figure out why he's drawn into cults so it doesn't happen again).

      I always found it interesting how the Scientologists took over the Cult Awareness Network. Savvy move on their part, I must admit!

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      A search of the Internet will, no doubt, bring up numerous sources
      for such discussions. I ran across the following link, and excerpt,
      that even has a reference to the Scientologists:

      > http://www.amquix.info/amway_cultism.html

      > Reprinted from: Amway: The Untold Story

      > Cultism In Amway

      > Following are some comments on cultism in Amway. In the
      > Forbes quote, an Amway executive admits to the problem
      > of cultism.

      > Phil Kerns, who was in both the People's Temple and Amway,
      > compares the two. (The Forbes article was written after
      > Kerns' book brought much unfavorable publicity to Amway.)

      > Most of the other comments are from cult/mind control
      > experts, and the last is from an ex-Amway distributor.
      > I've saved many other similar comments from ex-distributors
      > who said they felt as if they had been involved in a cult.

      > Especially noteworthy is the section from Dr. Samway's book;
      > in the preface she states "I have mentioned the names of
      > groups and courses only where I have heard similar and
      > consistent stories from many separate sources."

      > I'm starting with some information from the Cult Awareness
      > Network in Chicago, to help put everything else in its proper
      > context.

      > [Note: Since this information was compiled the Cult Awareness
      > Network was taken over by the Scientologists and should no
      > longer be considered a trustworthy source of information on
      > cultism. The information here is still valid, however.]

      Robert Baty

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