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Re: [Maury_and_Baty] Our rights to answers!

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  • Tamara
    I figured it was just a joke due to the haha line, but wanted to make sure. Now that I know for sure that you don t take the exemption - and that you work
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 2, 2004
      I figured it was just a joke due to the "haha" line, but wanted to make sure. Now that I know for sure that you don't take the exemption - and that you work for ACU - I must admit that it's pretty doggone funny, especially in light of the discussions on this list.

      Thank you for the link, that was interesting.

      It sounds as though you and I view this in a similar manner (albeit with my imperfect knowledge), and have a similar code of ethics.

      So, you don't know any basketball ministers, huh? *grin*

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      From: Chad Longley
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      Subject: Re: [Maury_and_Baty] Our rights to answers!


      I am employed by one of these so-called "integral agencies," ACU, but I do
      not partake of the "employee ministerial housing allowance"
      http://www.acu.edu/campusoffices/hr/payroll/mha.html I personally don't
      know of any *basketball ministers* here, but I would not be shocked and
      surprised if there were. After all, I consider a part of what I do in the
      library as a type of personal ministry, but I do not think it ethical to
      take advantage of such a benefit. I do not consider ACU to be an "integral
      agency of the church of Christ" and I do not support the tax exemptions that
      it extends to its employees.

      The "Archives Minister" line was just a joke -- I thought it was pretty

      Chad Longley

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      From: "Tamara" <Legal_writer@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2004 11:27 AM
      Subject: Re: [Maury_and_Baty] Our rights to answers!

      > Dear Chad,
      > Excellent points, and thanks so very much for the background.
      > I agree, since Bert has a history of demanding answers from others in the
      manner you described, he should be willing to answer questions regarding his
      own activities.
      > I also find it disturbing that Bert apparently takes it upon himself to
      ridicule Robert in such a demeaning manner. One would think that a man in
      Bert's position would consider such behavior abhorrent (not to mention a
      very poor role model for other church members), and therefore avoid same at
      all costs.
      > I do note that you have written "Archives Minister" beneath your name
      (along with "ha ha"). Does this mean that you are an integral agency, as
      Robert has discussed on this list? If so, perhaps you can fill me in on the
      thought process behind that. As previously stated, I am unfamiliar with
      CoC, and therefore this is rather foreign territory to me. I would be
      fascinated to hear from someone who is actually utilizing this exemption.
      > Best,
      > Tamara

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