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Deconverted Man (DM) Correspondence

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  • Robert Baty
    Following is my correspondence with DM which followed my exchange with the anonymous YouTube celebrity atheist using the name of Ozymandias Ramses II. The
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 9, 2014

      Following is my correspondence with DM which followed my exchange with the anonymous YouTube celebrity atheist using the name of Ozymandias Ramses II.  The exchange took place in the comments section of one of DM's videos.  The exchange took place on July 8, 2014 and July 9, 2014




      From: Deconverted Man

      It does not matter what Ozy said or not, as it does not impact my analysis of this debate. 


      From: Robert Baty

      I've dealt with some of your blunders elsewhere where Karen S was attempting to deal with them and convey your sentiments.  I think she has since abandoned that effort; perhaps implicitly conceding the propriety of my pointing out your blunders.

      I've moved on as well since Ozy has, briefly, tried to deal with his own problems regarding the matters at hand.

      The following poll has been making the rounds, and it appears atheists in particular are having trouble either "agreeing" and "disagreeing" with the proposition or Ozy's own application of his own Principle.

      Maybe you will be able to answer with an "agree" or "disagree".  The clue is if you cannot bring yourself to "agree" then your default response is "disagree".

      Poll Proposition:

      Given the Ozymandias Ramses II Principle
      -- "one can be reasonable and
      - rational in a belief even when
      - it's false; if one's reasoning
      - has been valid but one has the
      - misfortune of having a false
      - premise in one's argument",
      it may be reasonable for Robert Baty
      to believe that God exists.


      - Agree (Robert Baty Agrees)
      - Disagree (DM to Agree or Disagree)


      From: Deconverted Man

      The problem with poll questions is that when they are made by the person wanting a desired result that the question at hand can be put in such a way to skew the result in the way you want.

      As such, I would not be able to answer a poll question you produced, nor would it matter what my answer was as it has nothing to do with this debate.

      I have not seen you "deal" with anything I've done anywhere else, and I can not speak to why Karen has stopped dealing with you, but that to is irrelevant.

      Rather then asking me pointless poll questions simply ask my stance on any given issue and I will tell you, however this is apart from this debate and the analysis I've done on it.

      I'll be happy to continue this in pm.


      From: Robert Baty

      There are no problems such as you imagine with my poll proposition.

      I understand why you and other of Ozy's folks would try to discredit it and offer lame excuses for not participating.

      The poll proposition is quite pointed and the efforts to justify why some don't simply "agree" or "disagree" is evidence of that.

      I have a thread dealing with this issue and Karen's involvement on one of my FaceBook pages at:


      I don't care to engage important public issues such as this via PM.

      As I suggested to Ozy, you might also profit from participating successfully in my Atheism 101 Critical Thinking Exercise.  It only requires 6 one-word answers to 6 simple, critical thinking skills questions.  Here's the link to that FaceBook page:


      I'll be happy to continue a substantive discussion of these important public issues at one of my places if you are up to getting out and about (preferably using your real name and disclosing your real background as might be relevant to the issues which may be in dispute).


      From: Deconverted Man

      I do not and will not use facebook.

      I gather you are the one who Karen had me indirectly respond to, your logic is lacking and your points are lack luster.

      Your inability to understand the issue with polls suggests you have not read on the issue with polls and poll questions, as such your technical understanding puts you at a tactical disadvantage regarding any type of debate.

      I will not answer questions you have made because again they can be geared to your favor.

      You have no argument to offer so far, and I do not think you could have one given your lack of knowledge on how logic functions, you are free to say this is excuses but unless and until you offer a logically coherent argument I have no reason to change my mind.

      Making polls or posting questions is not a debate.

      I'm done with you until you demonstrate that you understand the basics of logic. 


      From: Robert Baty

      Thanks for the continuing demonstration, DM.

      I get that you and your people do not want to respond to the quite appropriate poll proposition, in part, because you don't like the obvious consequences from being open and honest about your position; whether it be "agree" or "disagree".

      I win either way you want to go with that.

      My logic is quite solid, and I certainly understand why you and your people would attempt to disparage it.  Really, I get the antics that you and yours have been pulling.

      Considering you have yet to successfully complete my Atheism 101 Critical Thinking Exercise, I think I am much more justified in concluding you are the one lacking in the fundamental skills of logic.

      Kinda silly for you to claim polls are not a debate as if I was not quite aware of that.  The poll simply gives folks the opportunity to state their position on an important public topic where the relevant definition is "given" as proposed by a YouTube/FaceBook atheist celebrity.

      Can't handle it, huh!
      I get that; really I get that!

      Here is what I will endeavor to do this afternoon to help you get over your problems and we will see, if you can muster the whatever it is you think you need to show up:

      I will set up my Atheist 101 Critical THinking Exercise for you on in my YAHOO! discussion group at:


      It's a public venue and you don't even have to join to post your messages there.  You can simply address your email to:


      See you there, DM, or not!

      If you can't, in my Exercise, demonstrate you understand the basics of the logic involved, then I am done with you.


      From: Deconverted Man

      You will not see me there.

      You do not understand the issue with polls, showing the lack of understanding you have with logic as a whole. Bye! :p


      From: Robert Baty

      I can, and much more appropriately, claim you, DM, are the one that doesn't demonstrate an understanding of the poll and are the one refusing to openly, and honestly engage in a simple Exercise regarding you understanding of certain, basic, logical principles that go to the issue at hand.

      Shame on you for the lame excuses for refusing to openly and honestly engage the matters at hand.

      Bye, now, DM!

      Here's the link to the set up for your Atheism 101 Critical Thinking Exercise.  I will be completing the set up shortly should you repent and bring forth your works meet for such repentance (i.e., actually show up with your 6 one-word answers to 6 simple questions regarding your understanding of certain fundamentals regarding logic and atheism).



      From: Deconverted Man



      From: Robert Baty

      No problem.

      I can take the win again; makes it a lot easier on me when people like you run off from the simplest of matters.

      Let me know if you think you can muster 6 one-word answers to 6 simple questions so as to give me some appropriate feedback regarding your basic critical thinking/logic skills.

      Otherwise, as with the Ozy proposition, I think you are simply unwilling to state your opinion on these important public issues, especially when they agree with my own opinions on such things (i.e., like those 6 questions).

      In any case, while I would have preferred a different result, your demonstrations are certainly insightful as to what you and your people are up to with your antics.

    • Robert Baty
      ... More correspondence with Deconverted Man (DM) Deconverted Man (DM) appears to be reeling and decided to try and take a cheap shot on my YouTube page.
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 9, 2014

        More correspondence with Deconverted Man (DM)

        Deconverted Man (DM) appears to be reeling and decided to try and take a cheap shot on my YouTube page.  Looks like, as before, things have backfired on him.



        From: Deconverted Man (DM)

        No videos?
        What a shock.



        From: Robert Baty

        Deconverted Man (DM),

        You are quite the little hypocrite, and I certainly appreciate your added demonstration of that fact of the matter.

        You don't do FaceBook.
        I don't do videos.

        No shockers there.

        Come out, come out, DM, when you can muster the courage to join me in a simple demonstration of certain fundamental critical thinking skills using atheism as the subject matter.

        I've given my position on the Ozy Principle poll proposition.

        I've given my answer to the first question in the Atheism 101 Critical Thinking Exercise.

        Where, oh where is Deconverted Man (DM)?

        Still hiding out and making lame excuses for his unwillingness to engage me in an open, honest exchange regarding certain matters of mutual interest.

        Fine with me!
        Looks great on my resume!
        Not so much on DM's!


        Robert Baty

      • Robert Baty
        ... More from the Deconverted loser: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvzB3n0t0HfwLDtuReDrVzQ/discussion (13) From: Deconverted Man (DM) lol your such a funny
        Message 3 of 3 , Jul 11, 2014


          More from the Deconverted loser:



          From: Deconverted Man (DM)

          lol your such a funny guy.


          From: Robert Baty

          That should come as no surprise.  I try not to take myself or anonymous snipers too seriously.

          Your Atheism 101 Critical Thinking Exercise is set up if you ever wish to take it up and show your logical stuff on the simple stuff.  I figure we just might agree as to all 6 questions.

          I've already answered the first question and await (no breath holding) your good faith participation.

          Here's the link:


          You should be able to send in your first, one-word answer to the first question by addressing an email to:


          See you there, or not.

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