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Re: A reminder!

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  • rlbaty50
    ... http://www.bible.ca/tracks/matthew-fontaine-maury-pathfinder-of-sea- ps8.htm I (Steve Rudd) find it incredible that the US Naval academy would not only
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 6, 2002
      --- In Maury_and_Baty@y..., "rlbaty50" <rlbaty@w...> wrote, in part:


      "I (Steve Rudd) find it incredible that the US Naval academy would
      not only publish the story if untrue in 1929, but then puts the quote
      of the entire verse of Ps 8:8 "Paths of the seas" on his monument.
      What did the US Naval academy know that modern skeptics don't know
      that would lead them to do this? The book also references an earlier
      newspaper story that says the same thing."

      Text copied December 6, 2002


      My further comments:

      Elsewhere in Steve Rudd's article the following statement is made:

      "Matthew Fontaine Maury, Pathfinder of the Seas, by C.L. Lewis. 1927
      by the U. S. Naval Institute, RECOUNTS THE ENTIRE STORY."

      Here again is a reference indicating that Steve Rudd might not know
      what he is talking about. You will note the C.L. Lewis book was put
      out by the U.S. Naval Institute, as opposed to the U.S. Naval
      Academy. I have been asking and asking for someone to ask Steve Rudd
      about his knowledge of the difference between the two!

      C.L. Lewis gives a respectable account of Maury's life, but I found
      nowhere in his biographical text any reference to any sick-bed, bible-
      reading claim. Nor did I find any such claim from any other
      legitimate biographer of Maury.

      That "publisher's note" added to the back of the book regarding the
      presentation of the Maury monument in Richmond merely copies a local
      newspaper article. Buried within that article is the cutesy story
      recounted by the local newspaper reporter (who probably would have
      preferred to be reporting on something else; you think) about the
      Maury legend.

      Now, if Steve Rudd and others thought he needed to clean up his act
      and correct what looks like his false report regarding the Maury
      tombstone, you would think he would get to work on cleaning up his
      introductory materials and providing legitimate references to his

      We'll stand by. Hey, maybe this time he will actually see to it that
      his official announcement makes its way to this list, with credit
      being given where credit is due??

      Robert Baty
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