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Dan Phillips' Sympathetic Review of Sye Ten Bruggencate!

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    ... With select readers comment following the article! http://teampyro.blogspot.com/2013/05/review-how-to-answer-fool.html Review: How to Answer the Fool: A
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      With select readers' comment following the article!


      Review: How to Answer the Fool:
      A Presuppositional Defense of
      the Faith, with Sye ten Bruggencate

      by Dan Phillips
      Thursday, May 2, 2013


      Known to himself, his parents, and everyone except
      me as Sye ten Bruggencate, the intrepid Canadian
      has well-earned the admiration of folks like Fred
      Butler, who introduced me to him, and myself, for
      his in-your-face approach to applied presuppositional

      He's known for his wonderful web page, Proof that
      God Exists, and for the many videos of his
      encounters and debates with unbelievers.


      this video does well what I think is most-needed,
      today and I would commend it, even if only for that

      Its weaknesses are outweighed by its value
      and strengths.

      Sye ...explains...why...a Christian must start
      with God and not with doubt.

      Sye also does at least a very effective introductory
      job of dismantling evidentialism and showing its

      Sye has a few well-crafted and well-honed-by-constant-
      use ways of reducing unbelievers to fuming, sputtering,
      enraged impotence, and he illustrates many of them in
      this video.

      Among the things I admire about Sye is that he apparently
      is absolutely fearless, and will go absolutely anywhere
      to talk to absolutely anyone...

      Often, Sye takes a phrase and simply repeats it until
      he's kicked off a show or his hearer walk away in a

      He explains what (I think) he's doing here thus:

      this is his "big weapon."

      His opponents want him to set it down and play the
      game by their rules.

      He refuses to set it down.

      As Sye sees it, they just want him to concede that
      they have the right to adjudicate God's truth
      (without demonstrating how they have that right),
      and he won't do it.

      He calls them on it.

      He asks for their ID, and when they refuse to show
      it (because they can't), he refuses to play nice
      and go on.

      I think this is right, though I'm about to say it's

      Sye's no shrugger, and he's not out primarily to make

      He's out to vindicate God's truth and announce God's
      terms for surrender. This is a needed corrective in
      a wishy-washy, apologetic (in the wrong sense),
      scared-of-our-shadows day such as ours.

      Sye seems to focus on utterly destroying the unbeliever
      and his worldview, period. Winning the unbeliever to a
      God-centered worldview (conversion) does not seem to be
      the priority.

      You see very little appeal, very little bridge-building,
      very little outreach.

      In a way, presuppositional apologetics often is like
      that kind of "testimony" that we all object to: 40
      minutes of lurid detail about what a wretched sinner
      I was, stealing drug money from toddlers and shooting
      heroin into my eyeballs, followed by 3 minutes about
      how Jesus saved me, He's great, yay Jesus, let's close
      in prayer.

      So, presuppositionalism tends to be 40 absolutely
      devastating and wonderful and solid-gold minutes about
      how bankrupt the autonomous worldview is, then "you
      really need to repent and cry out to the Lord because
      only He is true, which HEL-LO you know already anyway,
      so goodbye."

      For instance: by all means, do what Sye does.

      Challenge the unbeliever.

      Listen (Sye generally does that very well).
      Do a round or two of "Do you know that?
      How do you know that?"

      But then, instead of repeating that until the person
      walks off in a gnarled bird's-nest, stop, and say
      something like...

      Or a hundred other ways.

      So, he tells this puffed-up "I love Jesus" doubletalker,
      "No, you don't!"

      We cheer, because we're starved to see anyone speaking
      edgily and with conviction.

      But would a better response have been, "You do? Can you
      love Jesus without believing anything He taught or
      submitting to His commands?", or "Describe this 'Jesus'
      you love"?

      And so, rather than broken-recording one phrase until
      the person we're trying to win is utterly exasperated,
      alternate with...

      There is, after all, something to the warning against
      winning an argument and losing a person.

      Look, believe me: I am not saying this because I think
      I could do better than Sye.

      I do not.
      I admire Sye.
      I've learned from him.

      But as I watch him, again and again I get the feeling
      that he "counts coup" when a believer goes away in a

      It's an excellent and needed start, and with the
      reservations noted above, I do commend it.

      READERS' COMMENTS (select)


      From: Sye Ten Bruggencate
      Date: Thursday, May 2, 2013
      Time: 3:07 PM MT

      Thanks for your review Dan!

      Problem is the film would be 3 hours long if they
      put in more #3. There was plenty of #3, but it did
      not make the final cut as the emphasis was on
      apologetic methodology.

      I would have loved the film to be 3 hours long to
      show the kinder gentler Sye, but I can live with
      your interpretation of my failures based on the film.

      Spent the day at UMass Dartmouth, where one of the
      bombers attended. Plenty of #3 there.

      Wish I could afford a camera crew to catch those
      moments :-)


      From: Robert Baty
      Date: Thursday, May 2, 2013
      Time: 5:02 PM MT

      Sye fearless????

      That's not been my experience. Despite being a
      tyro, Sye continues to "run" from me while his
      sympathizers cover for him.

      I first ran across Sye on one of Eric Hovind's
      FaceBook pages.

      I have proposed that Sye's much-touted "proof
      of God" is NO "proof of God".

      Sye has not been honest in what he has had to
      say about the matter.

      The invitation remains open for Sye or his
      appointed surrogate to come out, come clean
      and openly and honestly negotiate for the
      proposed exchange involving Sye's affirmative
      "proof of God" claim and my rebuttal thereto.

      Perhaps there is someone here who has the moral
      influence to get Sye to initiate the negotiations;
      by simply sending an email message to:


      If deemed necessary, we can negotiate an
      alternative venue for the negotiations.

      The website associated with the above email
      address has public archives which can be accessed


      The historic record regarding my dealings with
      Presuppositionalism, and Sye in particular, are
      found in the archives there and span the last
      few weeks.

      If you search the archives there you might even
      find references to where Sye and his sympathizers
      have implicitly admitted that Sye's "proof of God"
      is NO "proof of God".

      If Sye agrees and wants to make an explicit
      admission of that and the propriety of my complaint
      against him and his claim that would make the
      proposed issue in dispute moot.

      If Sye does not agree, the invitation remains for
      him to accept and initiate the negotiations...or
      his appointed substitute.

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      Who in the world is Dan Phillips? See: http://www2.blogger.com/profile/16471042180904855578 DAN PHILLIPS Blogs Biblical Christianity Pyromaniacs Hellenisti
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        Who in the world is Dan Phillips?





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