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Re: [M & B] Ken Ham Today: About That Ice Age!

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  • Ray Ausban
    Ken doesn t know his Bible. ________________________________ From: rlbaty50 To: Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2013
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      Ken doesn't know his Bible.

      From: rlbaty50 <rlbaty@...>
      To: Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com
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      Subject: [M & B] Ken Ham Today: About That Ice Age!

      When Was the Ice Age
      in Biblical History?

      by Andrew Snelling and Mike Matthews
      February 26, 2013
      Posted to AiG March 17, 2013


      Many pieces of the "Ice Age puzzle" remain unsolved,
      but one thing is sure.

      Based on the Bible, we can be certain that the changes
      occurred within just a few human generations-not over
      millions of years.

      When Did the Ice Age Begin?

      The Bible gives us many clues to help us nail down the
      real time frame of the Ice Age.

      For example, when did it begin?

      Bible Fact: Eight Generations from the Flood to Abraham

      With this information, can we set an approximate date
      for the start of the Ice Age?

      Geological Fact: Growth of Arctic Ice Sheets

      Knowing these things, how can we use the human history
      described in the Bible to shed light on the Ice Age's

      It is reasonable to conclude that the start of the Ice
      Age roughly coincides with the Babel judgment.

      So it is reasonable to conclude that the start of the
      Ice Age in the Northern Hemisphere (the Pleistocene)
      roughly coincides with the Babel judgment, around a
      century or so after the Flood (perhaps 2250 BC).

      Who knows, perhaps the Ice Age was part of God's plan
      to keep people from quickly resettling in one place

      The unpredictable climate would have made it difficult
      for anyone to settle down and raise seasonal crops in
      the years immediately following Babel's dispersion.

      When Did the Ice Age End?

      The Bible also sheds light on the Ice Age's end, though
      in an indirect way.

      If we can..., we can establish approximately when the
      Ice Age ended.

      Bible Fact: Thriving Cities by Abraham's Day

      Archaeological Fact: No Cities Associated with Ice Age Remains

      What Were People Doing During the Ice Age?

      Archaeologists have found thousands of campsites and
      small settlements where Noah's descendants lived after
      the Babel dispersion during the Ice Age.

      These early pioneers were daring explorers and settlers,
      quickly reaching as far as Australia and the Americas.

      Bible Fact: The Whole Earth Is Settled

      God recognized the danger of unity without obedience to
      His word, so He scattered the people from Babel.

      Twice the Bible repeats that "the Lord scattered them
      abroad from there over the face of all the earth"
      (Genesis 11:8–9). Notice that this was the Lord's doing.

      This supernatural event is essential for a proper
      understanding of human history.

      Yet without God's written Word archaeologists would
      have no way of knowing this happened.

      Archaeological Fact: Brief Appearance of Neanderthals,
      Woolly Mammoths, and "Stone Age" Villages

      Same Tools, Different Views

      Same Stone Tools, Different Views

      Depending on your starting assumptions, you can reach
      very different conclusions, even if you start with the
      very same facts.

      God's Word gives us a different picture of human history.

      The earth is only six thousand years old, and humans
      lived here since the first week.

      All the Ice Age peoples were descendants of Noah's three
      sons, who already knew how to build ships, towers, and cities.

      Putting It All Together

      Why did people wait so long after Babel to
      build cities and farm again?

      On top of those problems was God's supernatural intervention
      to scatter the small groups of families over the face of the

      The very purpose of this judgment, after all, was to limit
      mankind's ability to "do whatever they imagine."

      And it was clearly successful!

      We still have a lot to learn.

      But we know for certain that the Bible sheds light that
      puts our world into perspective, including the Ice Age.

      In fact, it is essential to a right understanding of


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