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The Ides of March & that "God Discussion" Radio Program!

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    http://www.goddiscussion.net/2013/03/08/who-would-jesus-sue-a-look-at-church-state-and-abuse-friday-march-15-2013/ March 8, 2013 Upcoming Shows Who Would Jesus
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      March 8, 2013

      Upcoming Shows

      Who Would Jesus Sue?
      A look at church, state and abuse (Friday, March 15, 2013)

      A common mantra we hear from religious right activists
      in America is that "Christianity is under attack" and
      that secularists are trying to wipe religion out of the
      public square.

      Is this remotely true? Is the issue exaggerated?
      What role does the church have in government, if any?

      The First Amendment: Church and State.

      Joining us the first hour of the Freethought Fridays
      and Variety Show is popular YouTube commentator Prof.

      With his wonderful sense of humor, Mitch describes
      himself as "a national treasure: married, atheist,
      teacher, college administrator, liberal, gay, white
      guy, aspiring to be remembered as, among other things,
      dashing, witty, well connected, and open to earthly

      Prof Mitch is a lawyer by training.

      He has worked for the American Civil Liberties Union
      and as a community organizer. Currently, he is an
      administrator at a major New York university where
      he also teaches American constitutional law, criminal
      law, and oral advocacy.

      Religious Privilege in America.

      Also joining us for the discussion is Robert Baty,
      who started a petition to the White House asking
      that the Obama administration lead an effort to get
      Congress to repeal the parsonage income tax exemption
      enjoyed by religious ministers.

      We'll learn more about IRC 107 and how religious
      leaders enjoy special privileges in the United States,
      despite the alleged separation of church and state.

      Who Would Jesus Sue?
      A look at religious abuse and the First Amendment.

      In our second hour, Alex Grenier will be joining us
      to share a disturbing and explosive story about abuse
      and a religiously-motivated lawsuit that has affected
      him personally and has outraged religious and nontheists
      throughout the country who started the

      #WhoWouldJesusSue movement.

      Alex GrenierAlex is the owner of CalvaryChapelAbuse.com,
      a blog dedicated to dealing with abuse and corruption in
      the Calvary Chapel System of Churches that claims 1,500
      to 2,000 churches nationwide and all over the world.

      He is a blogger activist who has persistently lobbied the
      church and government to deal with child abuse and corruption
      in churches. Since its inception in July of 2010, his website
      has had over 3 million hits and participation from all over
      the world.

      The 41-year-old Grenier is the step-son of Calvary Chapel
      Visalia pastor, Bob Grenier, who is still actively endorsed
      by the CC System of Churches despite child abuse and
      corruption allegations. The story has been an ongoing
      controversy that has been covered by Newsweek/Daily Beast,
      Daily Kos, OC Weekly, The Fresno Bee and many leading
      Christian blogs including The Wartburg Watch, Phoenix
      Preacher, Spiritual Sounding Board and a host of others.

      Grenier and ex-CC Visalia member Tim Taylor are currently
      being sued by Bob and Gayle Grenier (Alex's mother) for
      speaking out publicly about the allegations of abuse and

      The key issues in this ongoing controversy include dealing
      with child abuse, spiritual abuse and corruption in the
      church by pastors and police chaplains who enjoy positions
      of trust within churches and law enforcement, as well as
      protecting the First Amendment right to speak out about
      the issues publicly.

      The church and government have been petitioned persistently
      in these matters and have not acted. Grenier continues to
      speak out despite the attempts to silence him.

      Show Time:

      > Friday night, March 15, 2013
      > 6 Pacific / 7 Mountain / 8 Central / 9 Eastern

      Call-In Number:

      > 914-338-0452 or toll-free, 888-238-8529
      > (or, when show is live, simply push the
      > SKYPE button that appears on the show page.)

      To hear the show live and participate in the web-based chat room:


      (The interviews are expected to last two hours;
      however, we have reserved three hours in case
      the discussion goes longer or if there are numerous
      callers .)

      How it works …

      When you visit the show page (linked immediately above),
      the podcast will automatically play out of your computer
      speakers when it is live. A SKYPE button will also appear
      that you can simply press and connect with the host (if
      you have SKYPE, that is). A web-based chatroom will be
      running contemporaneously with the show, where you can
      post questions and comments.

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