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Ken Ham Today: "I love teaching that question"!

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  • rlbaty50
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2013

      Equip and Rescue Kids in Florida

      By Ken Ham
      February 27, 2013


      A total of around 8,000 people (including hundreds and
      hundreds of kids) attended the various sessions at First
      Baptist Church in Naples, Florida this past weekend at
      the AiG conference.

      ...God-haters like Lawrence Krauss and others...just hate
      me teaching children the truth about science, origins,
      and how to think correctly about such matters.

      This past Monday in Florida, I taught young children for
      an hour and a half, covering topics like dinosaurs,
      fossils, the Flood, creation, evolution, the gospel and
      much more.

      I showed them how the history recorded in the Bible explains dinosaurs and that observational science confirms the Bible's history.

      Secularists hate me teaching children to think correctly
      about origins...

      When it comes to origins, no human was there to see the
      earth come into existence!

      But God has always been there.

      Evolutionists were not there to see the supposed millions
      of years of evolution.

      So I love to teach the kids to ask the question,

      > "Were you there?"

      when someone talks about millions of years.

      The kids get it!

      The atheists don't want to get it because they don't want
      to give up the starting point for their worldview—i.e.,
      that fallible man determines truth.

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Ken Ham


      My comments:

      Ken wrote, in part:

      > "starting point for their worldview".

      That implicitly confirms again my representation of Ken's fallible starting point for his worldview:

      > "I, Ken Ham, have my interpretation of
      > the Bible regarding the age of stuff and
      > that trumps any other evidence and its
      > interpretation to the contrary."
      >> Ken Ham

      Robert Baty
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