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Sovereign Citizens - Candadian Style!

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  • rlbaty50
    Sounds a lot like Kent Hovind! http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Vernon+preparer+crosshairs/8007042/story.html#ixzz2LkILmYU3 Vernon tax preparer in CRA s
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2013
      Sounds a lot like Kent Hovind!


      Vernon tax preparer in CRA's crosshairs

      By David Baines
      Vancouver Sun
      February 23, 2013


      Despite criminal conviction for tax offences and two bankruptcies, Donna Marie Stancer is still in business

      At first glance, Rev. Dr. Donna Marie Stancer seems an unlikely person to be running a tax consulting business.

      Among other things, the 61-year-old Vernon woman advertises herself as a metaphysician, reflexologist, bio-genisist, emotional freedom therapist, gem therapist, and holistic pet therapist.

      She also claims to have a bachelor of science degree, a bachelor of arts degree, a bachelor of education degree, a certificate in basic kinesiology practice, and a doctorate in metaphysical sciences. (I was unable to verify any of these credentials).

      Stancer and her husband, Malcolm Stancer, also claim to have been ordained as ministers by the Arcadian Society, which bills itself as "a private, non-profit, philosophical society in the service of humanity."

      The Arcadian Society, in turn, appointed them as overseers of the Serenity Bound Society, whose stated mission is to advance the practice of kinesiology.

      The Serenity Bound Society's articles of incorporation include Stancer's declaration that she is a

      > "global being and
      > not subject to any nationalistic state."

      She also declares that she is not a Canadian citizen or taxpayer, rather she is a

      > "stateless natural person"


      > "only allegiance is the Eternal
      > Source from whence I came."

      She further asserts that any remuneration she receives, whether or not it is paid in her name, belongs to the society and is

      > "exempt from claim by any taxing authority."

      This has nothing to do with the advancement of applied kinesiology, but it does establish her as an adherent of the tax-protest movement, which is based on the theory that the state has no constitutional right to tax individuals.

      Stancer's disdain for the Canadian tax system first surfaced in 1989, when she (then known as Donna Marie Lang) and Malcolm Stancer (her common-law husband at the time) were convicted in Surrey provincial court of claiming more than $1 million in false business losses on behalf of 69 clients.

      They were sentenced to 18 and 12 months, respectively, in jail, and each fined $44,913 and ordered to compensate their clients for $140,000 in losses. (They have since received pardons for these crimes, which means their convictions do not show on any official records.)

      In 1990, Malcolm declared personal bankruptcy and was discharged the following year.

      In 1991, Marie followed suit and was discharged in 1994.

      In 2005, both declared bankruptcy again.

      The following year, Marie - although she was still an undischarged bankrupt - returned to the tax preparation business, initially with Interior Tax & File and later Rapid Tax Centre, both in Vernon.

      In the fall of 2010, Marie formed her own tax preparation business, DeMara Consulting Inc., along with a likeminded person, Rev. Deanna LaValley, who serves as "first presiding minister of the Rock and Field Society."

      That's when the trouble began.

      On behalf of clients, DeMara filed dozens of tax returns claiming personal debt obligations (such as mortgages, car loans and credit cards) into capital losses, and personal expenses into business expenses, thereby reducing or eliminating any taxes that would otherwise be owing.

      CRA disallowed the tax deductions and commenced a criminal investigation.

      In March 2012, CRA investigators obtained a warrant to search DeMara's office, as well as the residences of Stancer and LaValley.

      In an affidavit to obtain that warrant, CRA investigator David Matheson said he had identified 179 DeMara clients who had claimed $150,351,713 in "false capital and business losses."

      He also alleged that Stancer and LaValley had evaded tax by making "false and deceptive statements" in many of their personal tax filings.

      The allegations have not been proven.
      No charges have been laid.

      In October last year, Marie's application for a discharge was heard in B.C. Supreme Court in Vernon.

      Her former bankruptcy trustee objected to her discharge.

      Among other things, he referred to her tax-protester tactics, which had made the file difficult to administer.

      At one point, court was told, Marie had sent him a letter alleging that he had

      > "lied, been deceitful and acted as
      > a puppet for CRA for the last year.
      > So why would we show our account
      > for anything to you or anyone else
      > associated with you at this point?"

      The former trustee did not mention the CRA search, which had occurred just months earlier. It's not clear he knew about it.

      Notwithstanding his objections, the court granted Marie a discharge. Malcolm has still not been discharged.

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