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"Woe"?? Ken Ham makes it sound like a "salvation issue"!

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  • rlbaty50
    http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/au/atheists-arent-the-only-problem Atheists Aren t the Only Problem! by Ken Ham February 18, 2013 (excerpts) The Bible
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      Atheists Aren't the Only Problem!

      by Ken Ham
      February 18, 2013


      The Bible warns us about another group of people
      that our children need to be rescued from:

      > "`Woe to the shepherds who destroy
      > and scatter the sheep of My pasture!'
      > says the Lord" (Jeremiah 23:1).

      I thought of this verse recently when someone brought
      a segment of the 700 Club TV program - hosted by Pat
      Robertson - to my attention.

      Pat Robertson gave an answer on the air that so burdened
      me that I just had to warn you again about compromising
      shepherds in the church and the kids who need to be
      rescued from them.

      Well, I pray this lady does not accept Pat Robertson's
      destructive advice.

      Robertson was essentially telling this concerned woman

      Sadly, this kind of approach is a major reason children
      are walking away from Christ and from the church in
      unbelief, not because of the teachings of biblical

      To be frank, and though he has done much good (especially
      in humanitarian relief work), Pat Robertson is one of
      those compromising shepherds...

      (W)e...need to rescue children and teens from the
      destructive teaching of shepherds who compromise God's
      Word and lead our children astray.

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