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"Deep, serious, but not a salvation issue"; or is it????

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  • rlbaty50
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2013

      Adam and Eve battle!
      It's actually a deeper serious problem!

      By Ken Ham
      February 16, 2013


      She continues,

      > "Some Christians look at this list of
      > questions and see an exciting area of
      > investigation, but most find it daunting!"

      Actually, do you want to know what I think when I look
      at these questions?

      I think,

      > "God has provided the answers to all these
      > questions in the history in Genesis - case closed!"

      Sadly, Dr. Haarsma has given up the authority of Scripture
      in this area and embraced the fallible opinions of scientists instead.

      Now, I would never question her salvation, because belief
      in a young earth is not necessary to salvation in Christ

      But what Dr. Haarsma is teaching is a grave error and it
      ultimately undermines biblical authority - and thus
      undermines the foundation of the gospel message.

      This actually reflects the deeper serious problem.

      The battle over Adam and Eve is just a symptom of the very
      serious problem - an attack on the Word of God itself.

      That's the real issue.

      Haarsma, like all those who compromise God's Word, will
      have to give an account for how she's led people (adults
      and children) astray by placing man's fallible word and
      the pagan religion of evolution/millions of years in
      authority over the Word of God.

      Thanks for stopping by,



      My comments:

      Ken has his interpretation of the Bible regarding the age of stuff and that "closes the case", as far as he is concerned; as he himself again confirms.

      And again we see Ken being rather convincing as to the "salvation" nature of his young-earth doctrine and that he knows that is not politically correct and so he tries to tell us otherwise.

      Robert Baty
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