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Victor McAllister Introduced to the Forbes Audience!

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  • rlbaty50
    (See archives here for my prior experience with Victor. - RLBaty) The introduction is currently on page two of the readers comments section and you have to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2013
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      (See archives here for my prior experience with Victor. - RLBaty)

      The introduction is currently on page two of the readers' comments section and you have to "expand" the comments in order to make them visible until such time as the comment is "called out" by Peter J. Reilly, the Forbes contributor who authored the article.

      I have offered some of my own responses to the introduction, but it may be that some here will have something more direct to say about the introduction of Victor to that discussion. You are welcome to make your appearance on the Forbes venue and provide your input.

      I have no idea what the connection may be between Victor McAllister and Joseph Hyde other than I noticed that Joseph is a member and poster on the OriginsTalk list where Victor also hangs out and where I advertised the Forbes article.




      From: Joseph Hyde
      Date: Saturday, February 9, 2013
      Time: About 9:00 PM MT


      I would like to mention a `third' position to the
      `Creationism' debate that I ran across not too long
      ago, in contrast to `Young Earth' and `Old Earth'
      Creationists, this is called `CEC' or `Changing Earth
      Creationists' and is distince from either prior `Camp'
      and I hope that this web site and Blog will be of interest
      in your research/knowledge of the subject.

      The `discussion' on the web site is not only about
      `Creationism' but more than that the whole idea of
      `Western Science' and it's meaning in use/misuse of
      Science in a `Christian Interpretation' of `Origons'.

      I think you will find this a unique `perspective' that
      you have not run across before… But to see that you will
      have to spend some time doing a `Close Reading' of the
      site and see that it might not be as you would initally
      think if the site is read with some `prior assumptions'
      instead of what the site it's self `brings to the table'.

      If so I think that you will be rewarded.

      (Go down to the sections in Green and those will be more
      to the point, maybe more understandable, depending what
      the preceding `means' to you…)




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