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Re: Greg Dixon Pays Honor to Kent & Jo Hovind!

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  • rlbaty50
    ... We want to extend a hearty welcome to all who are taking valuable time to visit this website. Whether you are already familiar with us, or are just now
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      > http://www.threepillarsoftyranny.com/honor.html

      Here is more about that website from its home page. I guess it may be mostly old news, but the cause carries on as do Kent Hovind and his apologists:


      We want to extend a hearty welcome to all who are taking valuable time to visit this website. Whether you are already familiar with us, or are just now gaining exposure to our efforts and activities, there is much that we need and desire to bring to your attention.

      It is encouraging to note that growing numbers of Americans are becoming exceedingly alarmed over the rapidly diminishing freedoms in our nation.

      Finally…and hopefully not too late in the game…many are awakening to the fact that a sophisticated and long established force is clandestinely and diabolically operating the levers of power throughout the nation and world.

      This sinister cabal tirelessly promotes a globalist agenda that is synonymous with the total eradication of national sovereignty and individual liberty.

      They are masters of deception, distortion, and disinformation.

      They specialize in tactics of diversion whereby they disguise their own evil machinations and make others appear in a twisted and contorted light.

      Quite literally, these characters will stop at nothing to subjugate the planet.

      The Three Pillars of Tyranny website was established to promote a convention event that was held in March 2009 in Pensacola, Florida.

      The objective of this event was to lay down foundational information relative to the criminal nature of the federal income tax, the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve, and the illicit mechanism whereby the individual states have been stripped of their power and sovereignty in the face of mounting federal tyranny and usurpation.

      Attendance at the convention was sparse for a combination of reasons. Extremely limited funding prevented us from effectively promoting and advertising the event.

      Additionally, fear of being targeted by the government for retaliation kept many timid souls from being present. Another critical factor that worked against us was the ever present phenomenon of internicene conflict.

      Amazingly, many local supposed "patriots" and "activists" actually boycotted and even worked against the success of this gathering!

      In their small, delusional world, they are threatened by those who do more than merely talk.

      I have dealt with this ilk of individual for more that 25 years and it can be reasonably stated that while fancying themselves to part of the solution, they are actually a big part of the problem.

      The most significant factor, however, contributing to the substandard results of events such as the Three Pillars of Tyranny convention is the general advanced level of ignorance, apathy, and indifference on the part of the public at large.

      Sadly, the average American is exceedingly brainwashed and propagandized to the extent that he literally can't think straight!

      Furthermore…the public is addicted to all manner of frivolity and meaningless drivel that passes for culture and entertainment.

      We are a nation of mindless sheep following willfully after the hireling Judas goats who are leading us to the slaughter.

      High profile events such as the Three Pillars of Tyranny convention are a component of a seven-point strategy that must be implemented if any semblance of genuine reform and restoration are to occur in our nation.

      Like the Gulf Coast 9/11 Truth Symposium that we sponsored on September 27, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Pensacola, the Three Pillars of Tyranny event brought together an impressive assembly of gifted and knowledgeable leadership personalities from the freedom movement.

      Interestingly, at this event, men such as

      Ted Gunderson,
      Joe Bannister,
      Pat Shannan, and
      Dave Von Kleist

      provided a fascinating glimpse into their inner lives and convictions.

      In one of his talks, former high ranking FBI official Gunderson spoke at length of his Christian faith and how God had miraculously preserved him on countless occasions.

      Former IRS criminal investigator Joe Bannister spoke openly of his deep spiritual convictions and how they inspired and guided him in taking his powerful stand against the tyrannical monster he was once a part of.

      Pat Shannan gave a fascinating account of the saga that unfolded as he was manhandled by the feds in an unjust criminal prosecution. The story which he entitled "Miracle in Atlanta" culminated in his declaration of innocence by a jury that miraculously was able to see through the lies and treachery of an evil government that brutally steamrolls over the rights of honest and God-fearing Americans.

      And…as always, Dave Von Kleist did a superb job of inspiring and entertaining those in attendance with his gifted speaking ability and his enormous musical talent. As a bonus to all this, though, Dave opened up and shared some of his own personal challenges and stories in a heart warming and down to earth manner.

      Yes…this was quite an event, and everyone present (including the federal agents) got a large dose of unfettered and undiluted truth and heartfelt challenge.

      Pat Shannan, a veteran of more than 25 years in the effort to restore constitutional government, commented at the conclusion of the event that it was probably the best small convention ever, and I must concur with his assessment.

      In the aftermath of the Three Pillars of Tyrannyconvention we have been forced to contend with a great deal of hardship and complication.

      Those fighting to advance suppressed and unpopular truth are always suffering from financial shortfalls and difficulties…but in addition…we have been under other forms of assault and opposition.

      Everything from an arson attack to relentless character assassination efforts have continued unabated since the convention. Our timetable and progress has been slowed but we are now preparing to roar back stronger than ever.

      If you want to know what is really going on in this once great nation and you are not afraid to stand courageously for uncompromised truth, then we encourage you to stay tuned to what is evolving and coming to fruition under the auspices of this overall effort.

      We promise to not bore you…and you may find yourself irresistibly drawn to the front lines of battle against those who have become the foremost enemies of the American Republic.

      Pastor Rick Tyler
      Heritage Christian Church
      November 2009


      March 27, 28, and 29, 2009

      Heritage Christian Church, Pensacola, Florida

      What are the Three Pillars of Tyranny?
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