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Kent Hovind, CSHF and me: Featured on Pharyngula by P.Z. Myers!

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    (Go to link for readers comments; including comment from Eric Hovind!) http://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2013/01/03/kent-hovind-has-been-honored/ Kent
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      (Go to link for readers' comments; including comment from Eric Hovind!)


      Kent Hovind has been honored

      Creationism, Crime

      by PZ Myers

      Hovind has been inducted into the Creation Science Hall
      of Fame, which is nothing but a website run by a crank.

      It seems a fitting honor.

      I was amused that half the write-up about him had to
      consist of making excuses for the fact that he's a
      jailbird, though.

      The Creation Science Hall of Fame believes that Kent
      is in jail out of principle, and not deceit as per
      our discovery.

      > Kent Hovind is a tax protester. His is only
      > one of many tax protests that Americans, from
      > time to time, have lodged in the federal courts.
      > Did Kent make mistakes during his attempt to
      > prove his point? Yes, and he admits to them.
      > None of us are perfect.
      > What the judicial system calls "tax crimes" was
      > an attempt to invalidate the tax structure. In
      > America at least, the simplest way to get standing
      > to invalidate a law as unconstitutional is to break
      > said law and suffer punishment for said breach.
      > Kent Hovind gambled that he would find a righteous
      > judge. He lost. And his experience bears witness
      > to us all that our entire national judiciary is
      > willing to accept disagreements on principle as
      > illegal acts worthy of punishment. This is why
      > the Creation Science Hall of Fame believes that
      > Dr. Kent Hovind is in jail out of principle and
      > not deceit and that he should be honored,
      > especially among the Christians who believe in
      > a super natural creation as described in Genesis
      > by God.

      He cheated on his taxes and lied about it; he made efforts
      to conceal his income by, for instance, making multiple bank withdrawals of less than $10,000 in order to avoid automatic reporting, and he also paid employees under the table to
      avoid having to pay taxes on that. He was not standing up for
      a principle, he was doing his damnedest to avoid getting caught lining his own greedy pockets.

      (via Robert Baty)

      Eric Hovind has shown up in the comments to claim that
      none of my allegations are true.

      However, the wikipedia summary of the charges is clear.

      > On July 11, 2006, Hovind was charged in the District
      > Court in Northern Florida in Pensacola with twelve
      > counts of willful failure to collect, account for,
      > and pay over federal income taxes and FICA taxes,
      > forty-five counts of knowingly structuring transactions
      > in federally insured financial institutions to evade
      > reporting requirements, and one count of corruptly
      > endeavoring to obstruct and impede the administration
      > of the internal revenue laws. Twelve of the charges
      > were for failing to pay employee-related taxes,
      > totaling $473,818, and 45 of the charges were for
      > evading reporting requirements by making multiple
      > cash withdrawals just under the $10,000 reporting
      > requirement (a technique known as "smurfing"). The
      > withdrawals, totaling $430,500, were made in 2001
      > and 2002. Jo Delia Hovind, his wife, faced 44 charges.

      He and his wife were found guilty on all charges.
      Every one.


      Readers' Comments (excerpts from over 60):

      From: erichovind
      Date: 3 January 2013
      Time: 12:12 pm (UTC -6)

      PZ, How you manage to write so much untruth I don't
      know, but Kent Hovind did not "cheat" on his taxes,
      did not "lie" about it and was not making withdrawals
      to hide anything.

      When you read the court transcript you will discover
      that employees paid their own taxes, Kent did not even
      file income taxes, and claimed such the entire time
      without lying about it.

      Just thought I would let you know the truth, even
      though I know it does not make any difference to you
      as you will continue to tell it in your own way.

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