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Apparent Age chit-chat!

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    Creationism   Message 16279 of 16280 From:  Todd S. Greene Date:  Fri Jan 2, 2004  Subject:  Response to email on apparent age concept Hi,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2004

        Message 16279 of 16280

      From:  "Todd S. Greene"
      Date:  Fri Jan 2, 2004 

      Subject:  Response to email on apparent age concept

      Hi, everyone.

      Below is a copy of a reply I just made to an email I received yesterday
      about the apparent age concept. I hope you find the discussion of

      Todd Greene


      Subject: Re: Impact Craters

      Hi, John.

      Thanks for writing.

      First of all, let me point out that, as I'm sure you
      well know, there are many Christians who disagree that the Bible teaches
      that God created the universe and the earth only several thousand years
      ago. (Perhaps you are one of them!)

      Thus, when you write that "I am simply a Christian who takes God at his
      Word" this is
      an ambiguous statement with respect to young earth creationism since in
      fact there are a lot of people who are simply Christians who take God at
      His Word and don't think that God is telling them this.

      There is no statement in the Bible that teaches this apparent age
      argument, so when a Christian who believes in the apparent age concept
      says "I'm just taking God at His
      Word" this is simply not correct since he has gone beyond the Bible in
      advocating an argument that is not found in the Bible.

      (This ambiguity is also inherent in the statement that "I choose to
      believe and it has been a rewarding and enriching experience studying
      about His wonderful creation" because this statement is also made for
      Christians who understand that the world has been in existence for
      billions of years and for young earth creationists alike.

      Actually, I would claim that the statement cannot be genuinely applied
      to young earth creationists since young earth creationists cannot
      appreciate certain aspects of the
      world in their dogmatic denial of genuine fundamental aspects of the

      Also, while you say you take God at His Word, you clearly don't take God
      at His World, when you have something like an impact crater that shows
      you that an asteroid or comet hit the earth, and yet contrary to this
      you claim that the asteroid or comet never existed and never hit the

      (An equivalent point could be made about such features of historical
      events as "volcanic necks" which are the eroded remains of volcanoes
      that no longer exist. The volcanoes have been eroded away to almost
      nothing, except for the "neck" of the volcano which is all that still

      Second, with respect to the impact craters, what we see are the results
      of specific events that took place: Comets or asteroids of particular
      sizes hit the earth. Even if you assume the apparent age argument
      about God creating Adam fully grown (compare: creating the earth "fully
      grown" or "fully functional"), you'd have to consider: Would God create
      Adam with a scar on
      his leg from a childhood injury even though Adam was never really a
      child and so never really experienced any such injury? Would God create
      Adam with the memories of a childhood that never really existed?

      To argue that the earth would need to have been created in a fully
      functional form does not in any way require the earth to have been
      created with specific features of historical events that never really
      happened, and
      this is the flaw in your argument. I agree with you that in terms of the
      concept of omnipotence alone then God has the power to create such
      features as scars on Adam's body even though Adam would never have
      actually experienced any such scar-producing injuries, but this
      gives you a Prankster God that is contrary to other characteristics that
      are supposed to be inherent to Christian concepts of God (in other
      words, deceit is supposed to be contrary to God's nature).

      I hope you have a good new year as well.

      Todd Greene


      --- On 1/1/04, J. P. wrote:

      > Hi! I read your article about impact
      > craters.

      > Good article from a scientific point
      > of view... these things have always
      > intrigued me and I have collected
      > many pictures and articles on them.

      > I don't want to be argumentative, but
      > from a Biblical perspective, the scriptrues
      > say that God created the world. In
      > the Creation narrative we see that
      > when Adam was created, there were
      > already many "things" in the "Garden".

      > This all implies apparent age when
      > created. Look also at the many
      > miracles performed by Jesus Christ.

      > Immediate healings, change of water
      > into wine and many such others. When
      > performed instantly, they all had apparent
      > age.

      > Why, then, could not the world have been
      > created by God with the apparent age
      > that we see today all around us.

      > Since He can do anything, why couldn't
      > He have created it just as we see it, eh?

      > Possible? Yup... for a man of faith!

      > I choose to believe and it has been
      > a rewarding and enriching experience
      > studying all about His wonderful creation,
      > including al the "things" we see and find
      > that are apparently gazillions of years old!

      > There is a harmony in that for me.

      > Again, just a thought, not an argument
      > just in case you hadn't looked at it from
      > that point of view. I am not a Creationist...
      > that's a term that does not wholly
      > harmonize with the scriptures.

      > I am simply a Christian who takes God
      > at his Word... much simpler way to live
      > and believe!
      > Happy New Year!!
      > J. P.
      > Connecticut
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