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Ken Ham Today: The Politics of His Creationism!

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  • rlbaty50
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2012
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      School Standards and Science

      By Ken Ham
      December 5, 2012


      At Answers in Genesis, we don't advocate government-mandated
      creation classes in schools, but we do advocate that students
      be taught to carefully consider the claims being made by any scientific idea.

      We want the instructors and students to be allowed to
      criticize evolution.

      Evolutionary ideas are based on numerous assumptions.

      Yet the NGSS standards, if adopted, would require teachers
      to teach these ideas uncritically to this generation.

      We are seeing increasing efforts evolution and millions of
      years as fact to teach generations of children. (Yes, that's
      just a cut and paste of how it was posted. - RLBaty)

      As the biblical creation ministry has increased in influence,
      we see an increasing effort by the secularists to impose their anti-God religion on the culture.

      We are truly in a spiritual war.

      The evil one (the Devil) is very active on planet earth.

      Don't let him deceive you and your children.

      It is the responsibility of parents to show their children
      how to think critically-we can't depend on the school system.

      Parents, I urge you to teach your children how to think about
      the claims of evolution, so that they will be prepared for the challenges they will undoubtedly face in their educations.

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Ken Ham

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