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Anonymous whiner after me on the SBC Plodder blog!

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  • rlbaty50
    I had not been keeping up and just noticed the action on the blog on the most recent article regarding the ministerial housing allowance. Following is the link
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2012
      I had not been keeping up and just noticed the action on the blog on the most recent article regarding the ministerial housing allowance.

      Following is the link and relevant messages (I am not sure how many different "anonymous" posters there were):



      From: Anonymous
      Date: November 26, 2012
      Time: 10:48 AM


      I am surprised to see you joining with RL Baty and
      Peter Reilly to seek to harm all those rich pastors
      (Every post by RL Baty shows his baited breath, hardly
      able to wait until he can get at those evil pastors,
      which seems to include all pastors).

      Oh, and of course in the process, this will hurt all
      the not-so rich pastors, including the large percentage
      who are bi-vocational.

      I really don't get it.


      From: Anonymous
      Date: November 26, 2012
      Time: 11:02 AM

      RL Baty, in all seriousness, I want to apologize for
      what some Christian(s) must have done to you in the

      I am truly sorry.

      Please do not confuse those actions with Christ's
      love for you. He died for you and loves you and it
      grieves Him when we Christians act in ways that cause
      others to not see His love as it is (even actions like
      the confrontational words I used in my last post).

      And I guess I know different pastors than you.

      Most of the pastors I know could make much more money
      doing something else and are really not in this thing
      to make ridiculous salaries.

      I am sorry on behalf of the ones that have driven you
      to feel the way you do about pastors.

      May God forgive all of us.



      From: Anonymous
      Date: November 26, 2012
      Time: 11:05 AM

      > "I really don't get it."

      OK, some are not paid well and the housing allowance
      helps, even if not needed. I get that.

      Does the lowly paid fulltime Walmart worker get a
      housing allowance?

      Don't know about you, thus don't know if the following
      applies, but the white middle-aged and older southern
      conservative religious male is a very, very large group
      wishing to lessen the safety net for many, many needy

      Advocate for their need first and perhaps
      there might be some room for others to
      advocate for your perceived and generally
      unnecessary entitlement.

      Otherwise, please be quiet.

      Selfish sounding ministers really are an embarrassment
      to the faith.


      From: William Thornton
      Date: November 26, 2012
      Time: 5:28 PM

      Is there some reason that


      > a CPA with deep techincal knowledge of the
      > minister's housing allowance may not simply
      > write on current court cases on the HA. Peter
      > Reilly favors a military style cap. Why is
      > this not a reasonable solution to a tax issue
      > that is sometimes embarrassing for we clergy?


      > Robert Baty is keen on the elimination of the
      > HA for principled church-state reasons. Why
      > is this deserving of the slaps you give towards
      > him? Although he has been strident in his
      > position, he has been nothing if not courteous
      > in his comments here and elsewhere.

      Some of my anonymous fellow ministers might learn a lesson
      from either of these men...though I suspect both are quite
      savvy with regard to how some men-of-the-cloth might act at

      That's enough of this ad hominem nonsense.
      Care to address any of the substance?


      From: Robert Baty
      Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2012
      Time: About 8:15 PM MT

      (I wrote a note thanking William for his response
      to the above and advised William that I was still
      looking forward to his earlier announced further
      coverage of the issue; perhaps with emphasis on
      the "basketball minister" issue. Alas, I did not
      keep a copy of the message and noticed after I
      did not see it immediately appear that William
      turned on the moderation feature after the
      above cheap shots from "anonymous". I'll try to
      post an update here if my message posts. - RLBaty)

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