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RM-COUNSEL Invitation!

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  • rlbaty@webtv.net
    I thought I would pass on this invitation from Harold Helm, as he requested. Some here might be interested: From: (Cyber Vision) - (Harold Helm) Date: Thu,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2003
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      I thought I would pass on this invitation from Harold Helm, as he
      requested. Some here might be interested:

      From: (Cyber Vision) - (Harold Helm)
      Date: Thu, Dec 11, 2003, 8:34pm
      To: rlbaty@... (Robert Baty)

      Subject: We invite you, friends to join our RM-COUNSEL group

      We invite you, friends to join our RM-COUNSEL group and share
      counseling, ethics, philosophy, law, mentoring;

      RM-COUNSEL is a Restricted, Moderated COUNSELing case study discussion
      group for counselors - attorneys, physicians, psychiatrists, clergy,
      social workers, nurses, and other helping professionals, management
      consultants, and even a few grandmothers (who are usually the best

      We encourage case studies, pearls of wisdom, technology supervisory
      management issues reviews, global political analysis across the spectrum
      of current events... We do not give *legal* or other professional advice
      and we do not offer diagnosis or treatment of medical or psychiatric
      cases --- we do discuss generic, management or philosophical concerns
      (you do not have to be a MD JD or PhD to participate)
      -Often the most creative insight to a case study comes from someone who
      has BEEN THERE ... or worked in an environment such that THEIR
      observations add dimensionality for critical review. We encourage CROSS
      CULTURAL philosophical, political, and religious perspectives (or
      opposing views) source credit and logic, definitions, and comity.

      You may subscribe (free) directly by sending an email TO:
          with the word subscribe in subject line and in the message
      -when you receive confirmation request hit REPLY then SEND;

      If you wish to receive only a DIGEST (about one daily), email Harold
      Helm <sundance@...>
      or if you prefer no email yet wish to view discussions via web page only
      - inform Harold. TX USA phone 713-529-2333

      We welcome diversity and scholarly discussion of many issues. Please
      periodically post an introduction of yourself and your
      interests shared to all the group via group discussion at:

      Please forward this invitation to like minded persons who may
      appreciate COUNSELING issues discussion; we welcome new voices and ask
      that newcomers introduce themselves to the group.

      For viewing the archives you will need to be subscribed and obtain via
      Yahoo your own password (not needed if you are not using web page
      access) For help with technical problems call Harold at 713-529-2333 or
      email Harold Helm <sundance@...>

      Archives are available for web viewing at:
          for more info click "JOIN THIS GROUP" at upper right of
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RM-COUNSEL/ Post message:    
      RM-COUNSEL@yahoogroups.com Subscribe:      
      RM-COUNSEL-subscribe@yahoogroups.com List owner:      
      RM-COUNSEL-owner@yahoogroups.com             Brief intro of
      List owner: (please reciprocate yours)

      Harold Helm <sundance@...> is active in many international
      philanthropic and philosophical communities especially Asian, Russian,
      South American, some European, having a presence on the internet for
      educational health care concerns across national boundaries. His
      education is in the fields of mathematical statistics, theology,
      psychiatry, law, medical ethics, management. Professional activities
      encompassed private industrial and multiple
      government (USA, Europe, Asia) employments in technology and managerial
      capacities. He enjoys genealogy, genetics and worldwide travels,
      languages, epistemologies, *and* multidisciplinary management change,
      investment issues. Much is viewed through the lens of DSM
      classifications, with an ENFP sense of humor. Try our group - it's fun!
      Harold Helm <sundance @houston .rr.com>
      TX USA phone 713-529-2333

          Feedback welcome re improvements, suggestions:
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