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Re: Arizona home church preacher now has new problems!

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  • rlbaty50
    They set up a poll as to whether anyone is surprised at Salman s latest troubles. Here s the link:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2012
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      They set up a poll as to whether anyone is surprised at Salman's latest troubles.

      Here's the link:



      > Salman has been passing off questionable claims
      > about himself (almost exclusively related to
      > religious persecution) for years now, which
      > started with his illegal backyard church -- the
      > reason he's currently serving a 60-day jail sentence.
      > As far as his latest indictment, is anyone really
      > surprised that Salman is accused of fraud?
      > Cast your vote below:

      Go to the link to click on your poll response and then you are given the results to date.

      Currently, 86% are indicating "no surprise"!

      Robert Baty
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