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Buff, back at you, Todd!?

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  • rlbaty@webtv.net
    Here s an excerpt of what Buff wrote to the BereanSpirit list. Since he said it was going to be sent to other lists as well, I figure he won t mind me posting
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2003
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      Here's an excerpt of what Buff wrote to the BereanSpirit list. Since he
      said it was going to be sent to other lists as well, I figure he won't
      mind me posting the relevant excerpts on my little list as well as on
      BereanSpirit for emphasis. The comments were in the context of other
      matters related to how some show up on lists to promote their own
      "agendas" and contrary views. Here are the excerpts from Buff, the
      alleged reformer:

      > Your (Nelta's) comments prompts
      > me to say something about this list
      > and the others. 

      > You and the other lists managers
      > should be aware that infiltrators ...
      > have "crept in unawares" in an attempt
      > to convert as many as possible to their
      > evil causes. 

      > I am also convinced our recent atheist
      > writers have done the same.
      > Our discussion lists are not "up for grabs"
      > for..., atheists, and others...

      > I don't think any of us have the time, nor
      > the patience, to listen to the baseless
      > rhetoric of... and atheists. 

      Considering the recent exchanges between Buff, the alleged reformer, and
      Todd S. Greene, I just gotta wonder if Buff wasn't making specific
      reference to Todd in his comments.

      I thought it was Todd that had made the point that it was Buff pushing
      the "baseless rhetoric" regarding the real science behind the Grand

      If I got it right, Buff agrees with Todd that the bible says nothing
      about the Grand Canyon and is all for the prospect that God could have,
      and maybe did, make the Grand Canyon with all the scientific indications
      of the ancient age Todd says the evidence shows.

      So, Buff has no beef with the scientific evidence of a great age
      (significantly older than 10,000 years) for the Grand Canyon. He just
      thinks the evidence is fake and that God has told him so.

      In any case, having lost his argument for the Grand Canyon being formed
      by a flood a few thousand years ago, Buff's default position is to admit
      the scientific evidence of its great age. That evidence, in Buff's
      default position, is that the evidence of a great age is just as God
      really intended (and Buff should probably have never tried to pull that
      "young-earth, creation-science" ploy, denying the evidence of a great
      age that God laid down).

      Or, maybe Buff really hasn't decided which way to go with that age
      business. Maybe he just rides the fence and argues all the sides
      depending on how much hot water he's in with a particular discussion.

      Maybe he will clarify his position if I've got his position wrong.

      Robert Baty
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