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The "Get Baty" Crusade of Jim Bird / aka "SailingFlutist"!

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  • rlbaty50
    I had a recent exchange with Jim Bird on The Christian Post and mentioned it here recently at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Maury_and_Baty/message/27257 It
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2012
      I had a recent exchange with Jim Bird on The Christian Post and mentioned it here recently at:


      It was in the context of an LDS/Mormon discussion I was involved in there.

      I mentioned recently that The Christian Post management had again been tampering with the evidence regarding its readers' comments; deleting a message I posted about the Dziubla/Baty debate.

      I have since noticed that numerous recent messages of mine have been deleted; including one or more I posted in that exchange with Jim.

      The deletions of my messages from The Christian Post again make the historical record here all the more valuable and relevant to considering these important, public issues.

      It raises an interesting question as to what extent, if any, Jim has been involved in lobbying The Christian Post management to take action against me. We may never be able to resolve that issue with any satisfaction.

      However, to reflect upon my previous message on the subject of Jim and his problems and that he has instigated a campaign against me, I note the messages following my name below that Jim has posted to The Christian Post.

      As I noted in my previous message, law enforcement authorities are hereby put on notice regarding the matter because it is not known to what extent Jim or his sympathizers might take his campaign.

      Jim has made a number of simple, factual errors in his messages, as reflected in my previous posting here and in the messages below.

      I hereby call on Jim to repent of his errors and to bring forth his works meet for such repentance regarding the following false and/or misleading claims:


      > I (Jim Bird) had and still have some
      > reservations regarding you being a CP
      > staff member as you would have me believe.

      I propose that I have never made any postings intended to leave any impression that I was a staff member of The Christian Post.


      > I (Jim Bird) thought that this went
      > directly to you and not to any board
      > or through moderation.


      > I (Jim Bird) REALLY, REALLY thought
      > that I was going directly to you on
      > a private channel.


      > I (Jim Bird) was under the understanding
      > they going to a private destination.

      The email address Jim used to post here is "Maury_and_Baty@yahoogroups.com". I assume Jim got the address from my promotion of this list at: http://friend.christianpost.com/people/mandbgroupowner/ . There, the email address is prefaced with the following comment: "Anyone can post here; use the 'post' or 'reply' features or address your e-mail message to:". I have also indicated in my messages wherein I promote the list that folks who do not take advantage of the "post" and/or "reply" features may simply address their messages to the list at the given address.

      I cannot anticipate all the possible ways of misunderstanding the basics as Jim appears capable of doing. He does appear to be a middle aged man of some means and experience.


      > (Robert Baty) claims to be a pastor
      > for the church of christ.

      That seems to have pulled out of thin air. At least I have no idea where it comes from. I don't recall ever saying anything that could be interpreted to be a claim that I was a pastor in any church.

      A lot of people who frequent The Christian Post website as well as its management have a lot of repenting to do and the bringing forth of works meet for such repentance regarding me. I continue to ask; it really involves the simplest of matters. That they stumble so on the simplest of matters is important to know and document. I would that they would repent and bring forth their works meet for such repentance, but it looks like that is not going to be happening.

      Robert Baty

      ------------Jim Bird's "Get Baty" Crusade-----------



      From: Jim Bird (aka Sailingflutist)
      Time/Date: 6:00 AM EDT on May 31, 2012

      I never thought that you would stoop so low.

      In stead of answering my question you create an
      evasion and go down some path not even discussed
      and worse of all make a personnal attack using
      something I gave to you in confidence and good

      How could you do that supposedly being a Christian???

      All you had to do was state your position and if
      you felt the need give just one example where you
      site makes any comprhensive sense.

      May God have mercy on your soul for that evil,
      vicious attack.

      I cannot believe that you are a Christian at all.



      From: Jim Bird (aka SailingFlutist)
      Time/Date: 6:10 AM EDT on May 31, 2012


      MandBGroupOwner, picture of red cycle parked
      across dirt trail, is a dangerous person.

      DO NOT trust or extend good will to him or he
      will end up taking advantage of your vulnearability
      at the drop of a hat.

      He claims to be a pastor for the church of christ
      but behaves like an sneaky, coniving teenager.



      From: Jim Bird (aka SailingFlutist)
      Time/Date: 3:53 AM EDT on June 01, 2012


      If you go to poster, MandBGroupOwner's,
      personal site make sure you have very
      strong identity theft protection in place.

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