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Buff to Todd!

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  • rlbaty@webtv.net
    I gave Buff an honorary membership to this little list and asked him to cross-post his discussion with Todd here. He indicates he sends his Rumblings to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2003
      I gave Buff an honorary membership to this little list and asked him to
      cross-post his discussion with Todd here. He indicates he sends his
      "Rumblings" to 1500 or so, so maybe he will oblige.

      Until he puts this list on his routing schedule, I offer the following
      response from one of the other lists (looks like Buff already has his
      exit strategy marked out):


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      From:  "Buff, The Reformer"
      Date:  Fri Oct 31, 2003  6:40 pm
      Subject:  Todd Greene's Sentiments on Biblical Testimony


      I have visited your Web site to some extent, and I have lifted the
      following quotations for the purpose of making a few comments and asking
      a few questions in relation to our potential dialogue on the general
      subject of creation vs.
      evolution, and the Grand Canyon. Note, please, that I said "potential
      dialogue." For if there develops no meaningful dialogue between us on
      these subjects, it will be because I perceive you as rebuffing heaven's
      testimony regarding---in particular---creation as described in Genesis 1
      and elsewhere.

      For it would be futile to involve ourselves in a discussion of biblical
      proportions if either one of us dismisses the biblical evidence.

      I have little sufferance for this sort of thing. I am utterly convinced,
      based on heaven's
      witness---the scriptures---that the Earth and universe were created in
      six solar days, as detailed in Genesis 1, and that the global flood, as
      chronicled in Genesis 6-8, occurred. I not only believe in the biblical
      account and consider
      it evidence, but I also believe scientific creation provides ample

      Having noted all of that, if our dialogue does not materialize, based
      upon the above reasons, I will do another column on the subjects at hand
      to share with my 1,500 readers who subscribe to my "Reformation

      In said column, I will use as a backdrop all or some of your remarks
      that were posted to the "Berean," "GospoelAdvocating," and
      "KnowingGodsWay" discussion lists. I will not, of course, quote you out
      of context.

      And now for some of your statements on your Web site :

      1) "I was raised to believe in creationism, and I believed it. But my
      study of the issues relevant to creationism led me to reject it."

      Buff's Comment & Question : What part of Genesis 1 don't you accept? How
      do you understand "create"? Assuming God did not create the Earth and
      Universe in six solar days, as you allege, do you believe He had the
      power to create both in six solar days? Do you, to any extent, limit His

      2) "Here I present my perspective on creationism as one who used to be a
      creationist, and who continues to believe now, just as I did then, that
      truth-seeking really is more important than your personal religious

      Buff's Comments and Questions : My "personal religious beliefs" are
      founded in heaven's revelations. Are your "personal religious beliefs"
      founded in heaven's revelations? Or, is there a possibility you are
      basing your primary
      beliefs in the conceptions of man's wisdom?

      3) "If You Can't Stand The Truth, Don't Pretend To Be A Truth-Seeker!"

      Buff's Comments and Questions : Is there a possibility your conceptions
      of "truth" on some or all of these matters are faulty? In other words,
      can you be mistaken in your hypothesis on any of these matters? How do
      you understand the following biblical pronouncement?

      "By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command,
      so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible" (Heb. 11:3).

      Do you attribute your "findings" and "evidence" to the Creator of our
      universe? In closing this post, I'll lift a quotation of mine from my
      own Web site.

      "We stand in awe of the infinite power of God as He mobilizes and
      activates all the stars and governs all the galaxies that sprinkle the
      night's sky. I take it to be as great a wonder that he should even know
      that such insignificant
      creatures as we humans exist. And we live and enjoy His bounties in our
      tiny dimension or 'microscopic world' because of His express decree! The
      heavens obey His every command. Without His oversight, there would be
      utter chaos among the galaxies and in the universe at large."

      "Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array"
      (Genesis 1:31). "And these are but the outer fringe of his works" (Job



      Robert Baty
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