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Whiteville retaliates against the FFRF with...crosses!

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  • rlbaty50
    http://www.wreg.com/news/wreg-whiteville-responds-to-freedom-from-religion-with-hundreds-of-crosses-20111026,0,4515197.story Whiteville Responds to Freedom
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2011

      Whiteville Responds to Freedom from Religion with Hundreds of Crosses

      by Adam Hammond

      October 27, 2011

      (WHITEVILLE, TN 10/26/11)

      The city of Whiteville has lopped of a side of the cross on top of its water tower. They did this in response to a complaint from the freedom from religion foundation. The group threatened to sue the city if the cross wasn't gone by the end of the month.

      > "They actually started a ripple effect.
      > You complain about one and now you've got
      > crosses in everybody's year (sic),"

      said Jamia Robinson.

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      Many people in Whiteville are responding to the removal of the cross on city property by placing one on their private property.

      > "You can't go down one street without seeing
      > at least two. You can go down any of these
      > streets and you're going to see a cross. There
      > no way you can go through Whiteville and not
      > see one,"

      said Sarah Knight.

      Hundreds of crosses of all sizes have been placed around the city.

      > "It symbolizes that we as a community still
      > have faith. Just because you don't believe
      > doesn't mean we don't. They can take that
      > cross down but they can't take the crosses
      > out of our yards,"

      said Robinson.

      Mike Randolph made a cross for his yard, and he says it's about coming together as a community not sending a message to the Freedom from Religion folks.

      > "We've got a lumber yard that's donated wood
      > and we've got a merchant that's building them
      > and if you want a cross to put in your yard
      > and you're not able to get it up they'll get
      > it up for you,"

      said Randolph.

      The city spent around four thousand dollars to rent the crane they took part of the cross off the tower, and residents say what's left is up to your own interpretation.

      > "When a Christian looks up there they see the
      > cross. So I'm assuming they can visualize it
      > not being there,"

      said Randolph.

      > "I still see a cross. I also see a lot of people
      > who have problems and try to create problems for
      > other people,"

      said Knight.

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